My season always is yellow!*

Momen Zellmi

By Momen Zellmi:

A senior Turkish official has acknowledged that 38 civilians were killed in the air strike near a Kurdish village close to the border with the Kurdistan Region. Turkey’s military said earlier that it had targeted suspected Kurdish militants. But the victims of Wednesday night’s attack were villagers involved in smuggling cigarettes into Turkey from Iraq. A Turkish security official told Reuter’s news agency: “There were rumors that the PKK would cross through this region. Images were recorded of a crowd crossing last night; hence an operation was carried out …We could not have known whether these people were (PKK) group members or smugglers”.

The pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) condemned the air strike as a ‘massacre’, saying that most victims were aged between 12 and 20. BDP leader, Selahattin Demirtas, said: “Those killed were young people who made a living from smuggling. There were people studying for university exams among them.”

The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) called for an uprising against the Turkish state, “We call on all the people of Kurdistan and especially that of Hakkari and Sirnak to show their reaction against this massacre and to hold the perpetrators of this massacre accountable through their serhildan [uprising],” Bahoz Erdal, a PKK commander said in a press release. According to the PKK, the death of civilians was not an accident, as the Turkish government claimed.

 This attack and its aftermath filled my mind with the verse:

“My season always is yellow, day after day, I should wait for great disaster, and so what is the result?”

I learned the Holy Quran when I was just seven years old. I learned the principles of Islam. I noted that most of the harassments are upon me and my nation. Sometimes I think that because I haven’t seen my father, my great guide, that is why I could not imagine my ideal life, because when I was just one the Iraqi regime killed him in a genocide operation. So I must learn the word of ‘Trouble’ behind my name, because we Kurds have a lot of memories of injustice.

After this attack the Kurdish presidents were quiet, and we don’t pay attention to this, the reason is too clear to understand: it is because the KRG has a lot of financial transactions with Turkey government. If not for 38 civilian villagers, if thousands of Kurdish people were killed by Turkey, would the KRG then speak out?

I saw only scholars, journalists, opposition members of parliament and some Islamic leaders condemning this brutal operation by Turkey. Masud Barzani,  president of the Kurdistan region, announced: “We are unhappy about this event”. But he did not condemn it!

But, in a surprise statement, Salahadin Bahaddin, the Islamic Union’s Leader (who is considered as the closest Kurdish leader to Erdogan and the AKP) harshly condemned the massacre on his Facebook page.

 “Unfortunately, the military mindset and the military means of solution are still dominant in Turkey”, he wrote.

“If this ugly act and obvious crime is committed under the justification of technical mistake and false intelligence reports, it is unacceptable. In the era of new advanced technology and developed military tools, and for a country like Turkey which is a member of NATO, would combat airplanes confuse between armed people and unarmed people? Or don’t they want to make that distinction!”

Also Kurdish youth took to the streets to protest against the Turkish air strike, especially in most of the cities of South Kurdistan where hundreds of youth protested this attack and raised Ocalan’s photos and shouted against the AKP and Turkish government.

The representative of the Kurdistan Solution Party, Mam Hazhar, read a statement outside the Kurdish Parliament in Irbil. He said, “We stand against Turkey’s mass killings. What they have done is against humanity and far from democracy.”

 “Turkey must be condemned. We urge Kurds to stand against Turkey’s actions as one nation.”

I think by this attitude the Turkish government showed that they have the intention to kill all of humanity, and this attack told us that the AKP has a false idea for solving the Kurdish problem in Turkey.

They seem to want to secure a prosperous life for Turkish people of Islamic background but, in Islam, killing one person means killing the whole of mankind. Allah said: “Anyone who saves one life, it is as if he has saved the whole of mankind and anyone who has killed another person it is as if he has killed the whole of mankind.” Holy Quran – Al-Maida (32).

I believe there is no difference between injustice in any part of world, whether secularist, Islamic or nationalist. Injustice is the same, especially for Kurds in Turkey, Iran, Syria or Iraq.

Finally, Kurdish people should be aware, more and more, of every brutal plan against them. We hope that this incident will move the Kurdish presidents to have the conscience to boldly pursue political and peaceful ways to solve Kurdish issues in the world.

* From the poem by Omar Gulpi

Copyright © 2011

5 Responses to My season always is yellow!*
  1. haval
    January 1, 2012 | 14:36

    Momen:do you not belive if Salahadin Bahaddin in power his response will be different .The opposition doing very well in addressing the issue of Turkish brutality.We build a state with out any back up like saving all you data on nothing.This KRG not self reliance if Turks close the border for two days we will be finish .I Salute you for your bravery to tell us about your background that is amazing and that is the reason for you working very hard.I am optemistic these atrocities by Turkish thugs shown the final chapters of their rules .

  2. Momen Zellmi
    January 1, 2012 | 17:14

    Many thanks kak Haval. About that line “About Mamosta Salahadin”, be honest I was surprised, because of his close relations with the AKP, which i mentioned ..Thanks again bra.

  3. دڵشاد خۆشناو
    January 1, 2012 | 18:52

    kak Momen,

    regarding the “brave” statement from the Yekgirtu boss Salahadin Bahaddin I would like to point out that this statement is badly misunderstood and it is NOT the “positive statement” as many think.

    If you look at the wording you will see that he is criticizing the “military mindset” but avoids mentioning the AKP and Salahadin Bahaddin’s idol Erdogan who is the head of this turkish government and since 2011 the commander in chief of the turkish military and as such responsible for all the crimes that are committed in Turkey against Kurds.

    It’s well known that the islamic AKP/Erdogan are in a long fight with military complex and the Kemalists in Turkey.

    So Salahadin Bahaddin as a supporter of AKP/Erdogan is using this opportunity to put the blame on the military alone and he is taking away the responsibility from Erdogan/AKP.

    It is a diabolic attempt by Salahadin Bahaddin and Yekgirtu in “seeming” like the only party which “condemns” the crime of massacring 37 young Kurdss but in reality he is just attacking their islamic enemies the military, although when it comes to the way they deal with Kurds both are nothing but criminals and mass murderers.

    It is the AKP & Erdogan who have in the last year put more than 5.000 kurdish political activists and elected politicians in jails. Their only “crime” was demanding and defending the simplest kurdish rights.

    It is Erdogan who again lied to Kurds before the elections last summer and promised them all nice things to gain their votes, just to turn back on them and send their huge military machine to Kurdistan to crush the Kurds and their rights.

    It’s a shame that we are in such a miserable situation that we are happy for such a “deception” by Salahadin Bahaddin.

    It’s a shame that only a few hundred people in South Kurdistan have taken the burden on themselves and demonstrated against the events in SHirnax.
    I would have expected 10.000’s and declaring the stop of any public new years celebrations in a show of solidarity with our sisters and brothers who are having a horrible time in N-Kurdistan.

    Slaw u rez

  4. Momen Zellmi
    January 1, 2012 | 21:29

    Thanks a lot kak Dilshad, I agree with You bram, and i have same idea about that statement of Mamosta Salahadin and Yekgrtu, that is why i mentioned “Surprise” word.
    But in another side i know that Mamosta Salahadin by this literary statment showed that HE condemn it, but Clever one, know that its out of reality, i wish to have you in my FB bra, for more discuss:

  5. Kuvan Bamarny
    January 1, 2012 | 22:12

    Turkish leaders both political and military are such hypocretics slave masters who in the name of God , Islam or at times in the name of Turkic-nationalisem, have hold the kurdish poeple as slaves and hostages , attempting to assimilate them with Turks to increase and empower turkish military and work forces.Kurdish are serveing in Turkish military and they work and contrbute alot to the economoy of Turkish states .
    Yet,Turkish leaders have neglected the rights of their so called Kurdish-Turkish citizens,and have denied them from thier political and economical rights, and as a result of all this unjustice ,left poor Kurdish villiagers with no source of income. The poor villiagers go out in such a harsh winter weather,walking miles on the mountains inorder to make some income and spend for thier families so they survive.
    Turkish ,Iranian and Arabd leaders need to make a choice either treat kurdish equally in all ways or leave the kurdish alone so they look after themselves on thier own.

    There is no doubt that the killing of all those young poor kurdish poeple, was a crime against humanity.
    If more crimes like this one is happend in the future than kurdish poeple must establish a powerful air defense system ( similar to the air defence system of Isreal) in kurdistan to protect kurdish poeple from all type of air attacks.

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