Murder of the mother of all democracies

By Dr F Hilmi:

I will be brief in this article because I want readers to concentrate on the amazing facts and figures which prove without any shadow of a doubt that what is passed by western political elites as Democracy, Majority Rule, the Rule of the People is by no means so according to the official figures which I will discuss below.

I have examined the election figures in various ‘democracies’ and come to very similar conclusions which is why I so bluntly reject RepDem as anything but a softer form of dictatorship endowed with more than a single tyrant head.

In this article I shall tackle the election of the London mayor and mention the facts and figures concerning the UK-wide referendum on electoral reform called “Alternative Vote” or “AV”

The UK-wide referendum on the Parliamentary voting system, 5 May 2011

The total population of London on January 1st 2011 is 7,771,139 (extrapolated from a population of 7,556,900 on April 1st 2009 and a population of 7,754,000 on March 3rd 2011.)


Referendum Votes were:

39.53% – Yes ;   60.47% – No

Total electorate size: 5,258,802

Turnout: 1,860,253

Turnout as a percentage: 35.37%

Number of valid votes cast: 1,857,907

Number of spoilt ballots: 4,561

Spoilt ballots as a percentage: 0.25%

Source: Region total – London:

Analysis: the figures shown indicate that the referendum rejected AV by a huge 60.47%. But this percentage is worked out on the basis of the turnout which was itself only 39% (725,501) of the electorate. Regardless of whether you support or oppose AV we still see that 61% of the real electorate (3,208.679) never voted or took part, while 39% (725,501) of those who did vote also voted YES (making a total of 4,422,709) against the NO vote which means those who voted No and those who did not vote amounted to over 84%: hardly a vote against AV.

Unless we consider this real majority as insignificant or unworthy of an opinion we must conclude that a miscarriage of democracy (even in its fraudulent RepDem) form has been done. This unbelievably dishonest execution of the democratic process has been the hallmark of RepDem voting which always places the great majority of non-voters in the basket of the candidate with a small margin over any second candidate and that is totally fraudulent and corrupt.

When 61% of the population does not bother to vote the politicians make the conclusion they want and assume that the people are happy with them rather than that they have concluded that the system is so rotten that elections make no difference and so they might as well stay at home since elections will achieve nothing of value. The second conclusion is more likely because the protagonists are so opposed to each other that it should in theory make a great deal of difference affecting them in negative ways: After all Mayors, P.M.s and Presidents could completely destroy their constituencies and, some, the entire world. All that would not leave a population indifferent. It is the lack of faith therefore and not the happy status of the mind that keeps the electorate at home even though they only have a chance every 4 to 5 years to make a theoretical difference.

Voting and elections are not called when a war is intended and even if they were the results would not be taken into account unless supportive of the action. No amount of protest or demonstrating will persuade a RepDem government instructed by the military and arms industry to invade a weak country so as to loot its resources.

Boris Johnson clearly took the Londoners on a rickety bike-ride when he won his second term of 4 years earning so much chickenfeed to feed the entire chicken population of Great Britain.

Here is the BBC (seeing its coverage campaign pay off) announcing his great victory:

“London mayor: Boris Johnson wins second term by tight margin

“Mr Johnson gained 44% of first preference votes, to Ken Livingstone’s 40.3%. After second preferences came into play, Mr Johnson gained a total of 1,054,811 votes, or 51.5%, to the Labour candidate’s 48.5% – making it an even closer contest than in 2008″.

Note the lack of mention of the fact that he only received a very small number of votes out of a total electorate of: 5,258,802 which makes his percentage closer to 20% rather than 51.4%.

Below are the true percentages:

% Votes (1st and 2nd preferences) – Boris 44% (51.5%) ;  Ken 40.3% (48.5%)

Number of votes –  Boris 1,054,811 ; Ken 993,366                      

Total number of voters – 2,048,177 (38.9% of electorate) 

The percentages relative to eligible voters (the electorate):

Boris: 1,054,811/5,258,802 = 20.06%

Ken: 993,366/5,258,802 = 18.87%

Again we find the system giving all the loot to someone who has only managed 20% of the true electorate vote assuming a majority result when in fact 80% of the electorate have either rejected him or never voted because they have absolutely no faith in RepDem elections. Furthermore, RepDem elections also deprive 40% of the entire population by placing age and other restrictions on them. Many of those are not children and are allowed to have sexual relationships but not the vote.

As if that is not enough, RepDem uses the greatest con ever invented by so-called legitimate government: that of working percentages on the basis of turnout and not of eligible voters, thus lumping all non-voters with the votes cast for the candidate who has received the largest vote of those who voted.

If we use the population as the base of working out the percentages we find old Boris has an even tinier minority vote than if we used the actual electorate eligible vote.

Actual percentages relative to (the total population) are thus even worse and are:

Boris: 1,054,811/7,771,139 = 13.57%

While old Ken achieves only 13% (993,366/7,771,139= 12.79%)

This monumental deception is decades if not centuries old, has been globalised and politicians and opportunist demagogues all around have been licking their lips at the prospect of gaining power with such a ludicrous system euphemistically branded as democracy.

The owners of the colonial west have done extremely well out of this evil by deception, sedation, lies and the most corrupt trash media one can devise making sure no one gets close to finding the key to the puzzle of incompetent demagogues gaining extreme wealth and power while the nation is maintained completely in the dark.

This is indeed the perfect crime of murdering democracy as was invented in ancient Greece.

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