More noise than substance: Response by Kurdistan president’s office to Maliki‏

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Maliki and Barzani

Maliki and Barzani

On 26th May the office of the President of Kurdistan, Masud  Barzani, responded to an interview by NRT station with Nuri Maliki in which the Iraqi prime minister voiced his distrust of Barzani and accused him of corruption.

The flimsy response consists of several references to the Iraq constitution, concerning Article 140, Pershmarga forces, oil and gas, etc. However, we all know that the Arab nationalist chauvinist Maliki has breached the constitution from day one of his government: Why are you making a noise about this now?

The language used by the office of the president is undignified and unprofessional, basically accusing Maliki of theft without pointing to a way forward for the people.

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2 Responses to More noise than substance: Response by Kurdistan president’s office to Maliki‏
  1. Kurd
    May 27, 2012 | 13:11

    Did Barzani try to refute Maliki’s claims that Barzani had asked Maliki to exclude Goran representatives from the central government? I guess not,

  2. Dr.Nazad KhasrawGhafoor
    May 29, 2012 | 07:32

    The response by the office of kurdistan presidncy was inadequate, naive,rude and unprofessional and indicates the level of incompetence of the advisers that surround Mr Barzani.
    They should have refuted the statements of Mr Al-Maliki point by point with convincing arguments and evidence to the contrary.
    Mr Al-Maliki made serious allegations about corruption , complacency of Kurdish leaders about implementing article 140, illegal smuggling of Kurdistan`s oil abroad…etc.
    Unless we hear or read about a full, comprehensive and appropriate response from Mr Barzan`s office or him personally, then people tend to believe what Al-Maliki has said.

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