Maliki is pushing parties towards sectarian conflict and the division of Iraq

KT News and Comment:

Iraq prime minister Maliki

Iraq prime minister Maliki

LATEST: A suicide bomber and gunmen have killed 33 people today in an attack on a police station in Kirkuk. The nightmare is unending … 

Shwan Muhamed Taha, an MP belonging to the Kurdistani Coalition in the Iraq parliament, told Sumaria News yesterday that the withdrawal from parliament of the Iraqia and Sadrist lists will give his group of MPs no option but to follow suit.

This once again shows how the Maliki government is incapable of beginning to solve Iraq’s problems. Maliki’s dictatorial rule is forcing the Kurds and others to think about leaving the Iraq parliament and about the partition of Iraq.

The daily death toll from political assassinations, car bombs and associated violence continues across “Maliki’s Iraq”, as we call the territories of Baghdad and southern Iraq that are nominally controlled by his government.

The danger of increased sectarian conflict was further underlined yesterday by the assassination of a leader of the Sahwa group in the centre of Samara. Sahwa has been supported and armed by the Sunni tribes in the south and centre of Iraq to fight homicidal Al Qaeda elements.

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