Kurdistan political leaders condemn attack on KIU HQ in Zakho

Burning of KIU office in Zakho, December 2011

News and comment by The Kurdistan Tribune:

People from all layers of Kurdish society have condemned yesterday’s act of aggression against the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) Branch 13 headquarters in Zakho – and many hold the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) responsible.

Jalal Talabani, leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and president of Iraq, sent a message condemning the attack. Barham Salih, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) prime minister (and PUK member), has also condemned it and today he visited the KIU politburo in Sulaymani.

The leaders of several other political parties have sent messages of support and solidarity with the KIU. These include Nawshirwan Mustafa, leader of the Gorran party, Ali Bapir, of the Islamic League, Kadir Aziz, of the Kurdistan Toilers’ Party and Muhammed Haji Mahmud, of the Kurdistan Socialist Party.

The most surprising development is the stand taken by the Islamic Movement, which works closely with the KDP, and the  PUK, which has always kept quiet in the past about similar incidents to what happened in Zakho on Friday.

Today the south of Kurdistan is calmer although the security committees in Sulaymani and Hawler have issued statements warning people against taking to the streets without the permission of the governors of their cities and towns.

However, teachers and students  from the University of Sulaymani managed to stage a demonstration condemning the attack and Dr Muthana, a university lecturer,  addressed the crowd about what he described as “an act against democracy”.

Finally, KRG President Masud Barzani has promised to set up an independent committee to investigate the incident and bring the guilty parties to justice.

However, this is not the first time Barzani has made such a promise. We saw similar pledges made – but not kept – following the attack on the Gorran office in February and the murder of Sardasht Osman in May 2010.


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  1. Freeman
    December 3, 2011 | 20:36

    The whole thing seem like a stupid scenario prepared and excuted by Barzani family party. The rise of Muslim brothers in Turkey Eygpt Tunisia Moroco and soon Libiya and Syria is very worrisome to the autocratic and warlords family rule . As though these stupid small men showing their masters in USA the consequences of KIU takeover .. USA is very stupid they want demonstrationto to comprehend . No why burning rivals HQ by Barzani mobs . This is what they do when they loss if they can ..

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