Kurds Condemn CAIR-LA Hosting Event in Support of the Turkish Invasion of Rojava (North and East Syria) 

Civilians flee from Turkish invading forces

Southern California Kurds in Defense of Rojava and US citizens condemn 23 annual CAIR-LA banquet sponsored by Turkish Airlines

The Southern California Committee in Defense of Rojava ( North and East of Syria)  in response to the Turkish military invasion of  Rojava will hold a demonstration in front of Anaheim Hilton Hotel on November 2nd from 4:00-7:30 PM to protest the 23 annual Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR –LA)  banquet sponsored by Turkish Airlines and a variety of  radical Islamist associations including Muslim American Society, an affiliate of  Egypt’s Islamic Brotherhood, Syrian American Council, Orange County Salifis , Calislamic , and  Institute of Knowledge  .  We consider this event part and parcel of the Turkish pernicious propaganda to target unsuspecting Moslems in California and uncritical journalists to justify the crimes of the Turkish state against the Kurdish people and other ethnic and religious minorities in Syria.

It is indeed tragic that those who think of themselves as impassioned and compassionate pious Moslems partake in  such an event  shortly after the Turkish military invasion of Northeast Syria in which aerial bombardments, chemical weapons, and ground offensives have killed , maimed and severely burned many  including children.  The brutal Turkish backed hordes of Jihadists, fanatics and psychopaths are terrorizing civilians and looting their houses, historically reminding one of Turkish anti-minority measures used against non-Moslems during the Second World War.

On October 12, jihadists supported by the Turkish army tortured and then executed Hevrin Khalef, a civil engineer and feminist politician; the world also saw the horrific images of fanatics, kidnapping, raping, and killing their prisoners as they invoked “Allah Hu Akbar!” “God is great!”  while denouncing Kurds as “heretics”.  Although some moderate Islamic clerics and reformists have decried the Turkish invasion and barbarities, it is indeed appalling and paradoxical that CAIR and other Ruling Party (AKP) apologists continue to promote the agenda of the Turkish regime that unabashedly breaks the ceasefire and continues to expand its invasion in plotting ethnic cleansing in North and East Syria.  The ruthless invasion has displaced over 300000 people, 80000 of whom are children now living in deplorable conditions in camps as refugees.  This is the horror and terror that Greeks must have felt. This is what happened to the Armenians in the Genocide of 1915-1923, which began with the displacement of the entire Armenian population, their gradual disappearance, and final decimation of one and half-million Armenians ; more recently the Turkish invasion and division of Cyprus which remains to this day or the massacre of  the Alevis of Dersim  and other Kurds   in  modern Turkey from 1930’s to the present time, to which the West had turned a blind eye or as in the most recent example, Donald Trump gave the green light to  Erdogan to attack Kurds in Syria . These tragedies have recurred because Moslem American apologists like you have supported the invader in the name of religion. Fortunately, the House of Representatives on Oct 29, mad a historic decision overwhelmingly to recognize the Armenian Genocide as it reaffirmed and imposed severe sanctions on Turkey for its continuous incursion into Syria.

The tragic truth is historically too obvious for CAIR- LA not to see. We members of the Southern California Kurdish Committee in Defense of Rojava condemn your participation in and contribution to the 23 annual banquet and hold you and Turkish Airlines accountable for your complicity in the brutalities that are being perpetrated against innocent civilians and Syrian Democratic Forces whose only crime is to tirelessly build a peaceful and religiously and ethnically pluralistic democracy as they valiantly fought and defeated the Islamic State. They  sacrificed 11000 lives to save the world from the scourage of ISIS and Jihadists that committed despicable genocide against Ezidis ( Yezidis) in Iraq. The Turkish regime meanwhile  continued to arm, fund, and support radical Islamist, adding to the misery of Syrians most of whom have become refugees in Turkey, refugees that Machiavellian Erdogan has weaponized by threating Europe with “opening the gates” and “sending 3.6 million refugees” their way if EU labels Turkish “operations” as “invasion”.

Turkish invasion has brought Syria to the brink of escalating the disastrous war, which in essence is the continuation of Turkish repressive policies at home as AKP the Ruling Party  has imprisoned tens of thousands of dissidents and critics including activists, mayors, teachers, politicians, soldiers, journalists, religious figures, academics , and women. You support a regime that has criminalized  language and culture of Kurds  as it continues to Turkify the Kurdish city of Afrin  occupied in 2018. We find it unfathomable that you as CAIR -LA have turned your pulpits into a loyalist political party to provide religious justification for Erdogan and the endless trail of destruction and displacement he has left behind in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq.

Your support for the Turkish regime is a blatant complicity in the military invasion of Rojava and in facilitating ethnic cleansing of Kurds.    We as people of conscience of various faiths and political persuasions denounce your support for the Turkish regime and call upon the righteous and freedom loving people to  halt the invasion  and the impending ethnic cleansing against the Rojava peace loving and open civil society. Only concerted effort and a scrupulous stance can help the religiously and ethnically diverse people of Rojava put an end to the Turkish invasion, displacement, partition, discrimination, injustice, and oppression.

– Southern California Kurdish Committee in Defense of Rojava (North and East Syria)

The Southern California Kurdish Committee in Defense of Rojava (SCKCDR) is an ad hoc committee representing Kurds from different parts of Kurdistan. Its membership includes a number of academicians, professionals, educators, consultants, and students. It has been created to raise awareness about the Kurds, promote the Kurdish cause in Rojava (North and East Syria) by encountering propaganda against Kurds, to put an end to the Turkish invasion, ethnic cleansing,  and to provide relief aid to displaced people. (SCKCDR) works to advance awareness and benefit and improve Kurdish  people’s lives.



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