KDP finds it difficult to form a ‘puppet’ coalition government

By Mufid Abdulla:

KRG parliament

KRG parliament

When the Gorran movement became the second political force following the 21st September 2013 parliamentary elections, the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) suffered a shock and it has still not come to terms with the changed political landscape in the south of Kurdistan. Previous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) cabinets saw the KDP in charge, with its strategic partner, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), essentially playing second fiddle. In the last cabinet, the key oil and finance ministries were in KDP hands, along with control of the Pershmarga forces and Kurdistan parliament, while PUK leader Jalal Talabani was busy in Baghdad with his Iraq presidential post. Last September Gorran leader Nawshirwan Mustafa made a passionate plea to the voters, arguing that only Gorran could make a change in Kurdish politics. This alarmed the KDP, which worked hard but without success to block Gorran’s advance.

Five months on from the elections and still we have no government. This is because the KDP has found it impossible to form a compliant cabinet like last time. Previously the KDP shared the cabinet posts 50-50 with the PUK while keeping the key decision-making powers. This time, Gorran is demanding the posts of deputy prime minister and head of the parliament – which the PUK, despite its massive electoral setback in September, also wants as part of its Strategic Agreement with the KDP. Unlike the PUK, Gorran says it is still committed to implementing far-reaching changes. So far it has refused to accept a humiliating compromise with the two old ruling parties.

If Gorran were to occupy the most important government posts tomorrow, it would face huge problems due to the terrible legacy of corruption and bad rule by the KDP and PUK. Everywhere there are complaints and protests about poor services, shortages of cash in the banks and delays in the payment of salaries. Nevertheless, the only way forward is for the KDP to accept the reality of Gorran as the new second force in Kurdistan, accept Gorran as its main partner in government and start being transparent about what has happened over the past decade. If the KDP does not do this, it will condemn the people to increased insecurity and instability. The top priority of all political parties should be serving the people, not the pursuit or preservation of posts and privileges.


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  1. Kuvan Bamarny
    February 20, 2014 | 07:50

    I can see and totally understand why Gorran has been taking their precautions ,careful steps and tough negotiations ,delaying the formation of a collation government with KDP.How could not be be so careful and trust a political party like KDP who has the history of corruption ,theft ,assassinating Kurdish journalists, selling Kurds to foreigners, launching civil wars for their own personal interests and shedding the blood of their own Kurds brother in all for parts of kurdistan just so to protect their power ,money ,fame name and luxurious lavish lives and continue financial support their own puppets and mindless,backward ,dogs.?

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