KCK warns of peace deadlock and condemns Turk involvement in western Kurdistan

KT News:

The Turkish government has not yet reciprocated following the withdrawal of PKK forces

The Turkish government has not yet reciprocated following the withdrawal of PKK forces

The Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) today issued a strongly-worded statement accusing the Turkish AKP government of attempting to sabotage the peace process.

The KCK – the Kurd umbrella organisation that includes the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) – said prime minister Erdoğan’s government has failed to commence the second phase of the peace process due to begin on 1 June following the withdrawal of PKK forces from Turkey. Instead, it said, the government was continuing build military posts and dams and deploy village guards and reconnaissance airplanes in northern Kurdistan. It warned that the government will be responsible for a ‘deadlock’ unless it takes immediate concrete steps to advance the peace process as promised.

The statement condemned the government’s refusal to allow an independent panel of doctors to see PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan and its continuing to arbitrarily restrict visits to Öcalan’s Imrali island prison by Peace and Democracy Party leaders.

The statement also accused the Erdogan administration of trying to “break the Rojava revolution in western Kurdistan”: a reference to the Turkish state’s activities in Syria where it is supporting anti-Kurd and pro-fundamentalist elements in the Free Syria Army that are attacking Kurd-majority areas held by the defence forces of the PKK-allied Democratic Union Party (PYD).

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