To Jailan

Jailan Diren: " of our women is worth a hundred of their men".

Jailan Diren: “…one of our women is worth a hundred of their men”.

By Yasin Aziz:

To Jailan,

 (A young Kurdish girl from Syria who took her own life)

You the beacon of hope and the flower of struggle.

The one who never wanted to be enslaved.

I know how you felt, when you took your own life.

Not to be amongst the criminals’ concubines.

Who are bartered with in the hands of the IS gang’s thugs

The ones who would bring back Stone Age’s ethos

plunder and genocide.

I can imagine when you decided your own fate

As for Kurds, it is the fact of life nowhere remains safe,

When we turn back, our history is stale

With stories of Halabja, Garmian and Bahdinan Anfals

The track record shows, we hardly have true friends…..

Yasin Mahmoud Aziz is from Halabja and lives in the UK.  He is the author of ‘Dum Dum Castle’ and two books in Kurdish and he is planning several more books. ‘A Few Days Life of Revolution in Halabja’ is due to be published in the coming months. Email:

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