ISIS terror in and around Rojava, March-April 2014 – a diary of death

Compiled By WIFNO:

YPG fighters are resisting jihadists

YPG fighters are resisting jihadists (Pic – Corbis)

The “Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham” (ISIS) has been engaged in an all-out war against the Kurdish territories in Syria since March 2014. After months of humiliating defeats by the forces of the Syrian Kurdish militia YPG  (Yekîneyên Parastina Gel) – at least 1.000 ISIS fighters (YPG claims 3.000 (1) ) were killed since summer 2013 – and so ISIS recognized the YPG and the Kurds as the main obstacle for their rule. YPG and the Kurds are a military and political threat to the Islamic Emirate emerging in Syria and Iraq.

But this is not a conventional war between two armed forces. ISIS has made public announcements calling the Kurds infidels and legitimising brutal terror against them. Social media websites dealing with Rojava are full of gruesome pictures of beheaded Kurdish civilians and fighters. Since the beginning of the ISIS offensive, Western media have kept silent about this major escalation against Kurdish civilians. The only faction in this escalating war that has never committed major human rights violations, and is fighting al-Qaeda, is fighting on its own.

YPG and Kurdish sources have attested attacks on civilians in many declarations: “Since the ISIS is surrounding the [Kobanê] Canton they are targeting the civilians systematically.”(2)  Their claims were also confirmed by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). SOHR is the main source for valid and authentic information from Syria. Their notes are used among others by AFP, Reuters, BBC and CNN. Amnesty International describes their work as “very good, definitely one of the best, including the details on the conditions in which people were supposedly killed.” (3)  Here is an overview of ISIS atrocities in and around Rojava since March 2014.

Compiled from information published by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

April 11

“3 handcuffed head covered corpses were found yesterday with signs of gunshots near Al-Jafra oil field, which was taken over bby ISIS, reports of other corpses in the field, activists accused ISIS in killing them and putting them in a mass grave.” (4)

April 8

“On the 26th of the previous march 2 YPG fighters were killed when a man, thought to be an ISIS fighter, blew himself up in a detonated car near a YPG headquarters in southern al-Qahtaniya (Tarba Sabi) city. A young man also blew himself up with a detonated belt on the 6th of march near an Asayesh centre in al-Qahtaniya.”(5)

April 6

“ISIS beheaded a man in Menbej in Aleppo countryside, and hanged his head in the vegetable market in the city, after it accused him in dealing with Al-Sahwat.[…] 4 killed by an explosive belt, when an ISIS fighter detonated himself at a checkpoint in Ma’dan in Raqqa countryside. “(6)

March 29

“ISIS executed 2 rebels in Al-Bab city and Al-Baza’a town in Aleppo countryside, in the charge of detonating cars belongs to ISIS.” (7)

March 27

“2 YPG were killed by suicide car explosion ” though to be ISIS suicide car “, near YPG HQ near Terba Saby ” Al-Qahtanya” in Hasakah .”(8)

March 25

“al-Hasaka province: The ISIS cut off the head of a YPG fighter in Reef Ras al-A’in city after executing him and hanging him on one of the gates. 1 YPG fighter was killed by clashes 2 days earlier with the ISIS in Reef Ras al-A’in city.” (9)

“al-Raqqa province: Areas in the villages of A’bdi Kawi and Biraktik of western Reef Tal Abiad city were bombarded by the ISIS earlier this morning, followed by YPG bombardment on parts of the Beerkano village.”(10)

“ISIS executed a detained fighter, it said that he is a YPG fighter, then detained the corpse on a gate in the city.”(11)

March 24

“4 ISIS fighters died by wounds sustained by clashes against YPG and Jabhat Al-Akrad on Sunday, in the village of Kandal and its surroundings, in the western countryside of Tal-Abyad, what rose the number to 27, the number of ISIS fighters were killed by clashes against YPG and Jabhat AL-Akrad, medical sources confirmed to SOHR that tens of wounded fighters from ISIS , are in Raqqa hospitals.”(12)

March 23

“Raqqa province: ISIS cut off a hand of a man by the sword, after he was accused in theft.”(13)

March 22

“al-Raqqa province: The ISIS crucified a man in the al-Sa’a area of al-Raqqa city and then executed him with a point-blank shot in the head under accusations of “purposefully killing a Muslim to take his money”.(14)

“A warehouse blew off in the western neighbourhood of al-Qameshli city which led to material losses. It turns out that several of the shells launched by regular forces at dawn, from areas near the Tal Tamer town and its perimeter, fell on the villages of Tal Nasri and Shmeiran which are mainly inhabited by Assyrians.”(15)

“Raqqa province: violent clashes taking place since 10 hours between YPG and ISIS, around many villages in the western countryside of Tal-Abyad, which are inhabited by Kurdish civilians, amid mutual bombardment from both sides, in an attempt by ISIS to advance forward Ein Al-Arab ” Kobani” from the eastern side, reports of devastating a vehicle for ISIS and human losses in its side. a migration of civilians from the western countryside of Tal-Abyad into the Turkish lands and surrounding areas. ISIS executed 25 civilians ( including 2 children and 14 fighters ) in 11/Mar/2014, in Al-Sheyokh area in Jarablis countryside. Kurdish sources reported that between the executed civilians included a family, that opened the water, which is still cut from Ein Al-Arab by ISIS. Trusted sources informed the SOHR that ISIS announced yesterday during Friday’s prayer, that it will include Ein Al-Arab inside ISIS borders, the sources added that there is a situation of alert between civilians in Ein Al-Arab and the surrounding villages, and civilians armed themselves to defend their villages and families against ISIS.”(16)

March 21

“The ISIS carried out a series of arrests in the Jarables city.”(17)

“ISIS executed 9 Kurdish fighters ( including 3 YPG ) after detaining them during clashes near Seren silos between ISIS against Islamic battalions,and Jabhat AL-Akrad backed by YPG.”(18)

“The ISIS forces 600 Syrian Kurds to leave their villages and and cities:

al-Raqqa province: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was informed that the ISIS forced 600 Kurdish civilians, including old men and women, to leave the villages of Akhdar, Tal Fandar and al-Yabisa and the Tal Abiad city on the evening of the Kurdish-Persian new year celebration Newroz by giving them until last night to leave the areas belonging to “Wilayat al-Raqqa” (the district of al-Raqqa). The Sharia Council, which belongs to the ISIS, also confiscated the lands of those displaced under accusations of “supporting the YPG”. There are fears that the ISIS would attack other villages in western Reef Tal Abiad city which is mainly inhabited by Syrian Kurds. The Syrian Observatory was also informed that 540 of those displaced entered Turkish lands and more than 20 were able to reach the A’in al-A’rab (Kobani) city.”(19)

March 20

“Aleppo province: The ISIS executed 9 Kurdish fighters, including at least 3 YPG fighters and 6 armed villagers, and cut off the head of at least 1 of them. The 9 fighters were took captives days earlier during violent clashes between the ISIS from one side and rebel fighters, islamic fighters, the Kurdish front, YPG fighters and armed Kurdish and Arab villagers from the other.

It is worth noting that the ISIS is still (has been for approximately 10 days) cutting off the water from the A’in al-A’rab (Kobani) city which is inhabited mainly by Syrian Kurds.”(20)

“Raqqa province: trusted Kurdish sources informed SOHR that ISIS is evacuating civilians from Tal-Abyad city and its countryside, and it gave civilians in the villages which are under ISIS control, period until tonight, to evacuate and leave the villages.”(21)

March 16

“ISIS executed a Shekh in an Arabic clan in Raqqa, after it detained him for a while.”(22)

March 15

“Kurdish sources reported to SOHR that 7 Kurdish citizens, including a man, his wife, and his 2 children, were executed by the Islamic State and they separated some of their heads from their bodies, in their prisons, in Western Reef Aleppo, where the civilian’s bodies were found a few days earlier, following their kidnapping since late last year. [date unknown]

Among them also were 10 civilians, including 4 women, whom were killed when 6 fighters of the Islamic state attacked the Hadaya hotel, located in the Qamshli city, the hotel is considered to be a seat of the municipal building, subordinated to the executive council of the self-management democracy, which includes service offices. Where 3 fighters, wearing explosive belts, blew themselves up. The dead civilians include a number of municipal employees.”(23)

March 12

“ISIS executed 2 regular soldiers in Al-Dalla turning in Al-Raqqa city, after it detained them near the 17th division 2 days ago.”(24)

March 10

“reports that 3 ISIS fighters were killed by a YPG sniper in Tal-Abyad countryside, followed by bombardment by ISIS on areas in the town of Ketkanya, which is inhabited by Kurdish civilians.”(25)

March 9

“Raqqa province: ISIS broke in an internet cafe last night in Ma’dan town, and detained many young men.

ISIS bombarded after midnight the villages of Ketcatneh, Fionteh, and Abdi-Kowi which is inhabited by Kurdish civilians in the western countryside of Tal-Abyad.”(26)

March 4

“ISIS beheaded a man yesterday, the man turned to be a Kurdish civilian from Kendal village, in the west of Tal-Abyad city, Raqqa.”(27)



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