Is NATO behind the creation of ISIS?

By Freeyad Ibrahim:

I believe the fact of the matter is that NATO forces, the United States, Britain and France are very much behind the creation of ISIS or ISIL. The general idea is that these were fighters that were initially trained in NATO camps in Jordan. The US and EU, especially the UK, have created and still pursue wars in the Islamic East because wars and conflicts in the oil-rich countries, or countries of strategic importance like Afghanistan, are methods that contribute to the welfare of the peoples of the West. It does not take too much effort to grasp their hideous hidden intentions behind creating crises in the Middle East. Wars in the East have enabled and still enable the West to get cheap oil and sell expensive weapons in return. The situation resembles a prolonged and systematic Oil for Weapons program.

Undoubtedly, without these wars and conflicts afflicting the Middle East, the US and EU countries would have had to buy their oil for a high price. In consequence, a great sector of the industrial market would come to a state of bankruptcy, and the negative consequences for their economies would be unfathomable and tremendous. It is therefore no wonder that the West sends weapons indifferently to both warring parties in conflicts, regardless of whether they are friends or foes.

Recently reliable Iraqi citizens and neutral sources are swearing that they have seen US airplanes drop weapons on the areas occupied by ISIS fighters (1).  If you ask me whether I believe the story, my answer is: Yes. Everyone is amazed to see the capability of a once-small organization to move so freely and easily, to crush almost everything that stands on its way, to fight across a territory bigger than Syria and Lebanon put together.  ISIS are able to reach almost wherever they wish, even if it be the heart of France. The Obama administration, in my opinion, is playing with fire. By setting the whole region alight, they have created conflict that, I am afraid, could expand to reach the West. The first such backfire we have witnessed on French soil.

On the other hand, the US has almost destroyed the Middle East just to stymie Russia and her illegal daughter Iran. NATO and the US have destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya too. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are waiting their turn. ISIS can thank America-Obama which has fabricated the terrorism and is now planning to establish a wide-ranging coalition in the region and outside it to contain the dangers of the wild dogs it has produced and fed and still feeds. This strange strategy explains why Turkey, a NATO member, has made her land a passageway for jihadists from all over the world.

In short, ISIS is the “Secret Police of the US”, exactly as the American historian and journalist Webster Griffin Tarpley (2)  has put it.  If these claims were proven then President Obama could be expected one day to have to defend himself at the International Court for crimes against humanity committed by the adopted ISIS wolves.

It is a miserable situation that the richest peoples in the East have turned into the poorest. That is mainly because of the Machiavellian policies adopted by the US and EU and the egoistic attitude they take towards the Middle East, including the Kurdistan Region.

It is an undeniable fact that, during recent years, there was an urgent need for another kind of tyrant to replace the likes of Saddam and Gaddafi in the oil-rich countries; and it seems that the US have found this in the form of al-Qaida and its offspring ISIS in order to guarantee the supply of oil in return for weapons. It is a double-edged strategy for gain and profit, at the cost of the misery of the peoples and innocent children.

It is therefore odd that, when impoverished immigrants seek refuge in the NATO countries, fleeing fire or famine or both, burning all their boats behind them, some narcissist neo-fascists should confront them disparagingly with the question:

“What are you doing here, gold-diggers?”




Freeyad Ibrahim is a Netherlands Kurd, secular writer, author, poet, translator and political analyst

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  1. guest
    February 27, 2015 | 20:48

    quite unplausable idea to put it politley. there is so many “theories” in middle east which are based on absolutly nothing! Europe already been taking in lots of ppl fleeing the war. Not so sure they would love to start a war to get more ppl coming.

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