Hmmm! Why be jealous?

By Hanar Marouf:

Yes! It is the time again when you feel jealous about something! Well, do not worry, there are explanations for every problem. First of all, how many of you cannot stand the existence of some particular people in your lives? How many of you can never be proud of a specific person, no matter what he/she does? Jealousy is a dangerous plague for so many people. A Swedish study showed that jealous women have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease due to the associated stress.

Principally, when it comes to jealousy, men and women are not on the same page. Why? Women tend to be more emotional and more focused on people’s behaviors and actions, which leads them to tend to be thorough in anything they do, although nonetheless some women neglect the ecstasy of life and keep focusing on imperfect aspects of their lives. No one has a flawless life! Everyone goes through difficult times; there is no need for you to think others are living in utopia.

Women always find at least one thing in their lives, their bodies, or their careers that they harp on about forever. Ladies, while you are dreaming of the life of another woman, she is longing for something else. Keep in mind: no one is perfect, so there is no need to be depressed, too focused, and complain about every feature. If you feel you are jealous that means you are insecure about a particular thing. Focus on what you have and appreciate it before it is gone! Meantime, low self-esteem is another reason for jealousy and it relates to the absence of receiving respect, attention, and love. Some women need to comprehend that being independent is vital in order not to rely on others to get what they are missing. Be independent and indulge yourself, before waiting for others to do it for you. Start it from yourself and today, dispensing with jealousy.

Stranden, Anne. “Jealous and fretful women are prone to developing Alzheimer’s.” ScienceNordic. Web. 11Nov. 2014. 3 Dec. 2014.

Hanar Marouf is a human rights activist based in Suli and an MA student in Politics and International Relations.

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