The Higgs-Boson multi-million dollar wastage and the God-Universe

By Dr F R Hilmi:

All TV stations in the west gave full coverage to the announcement about a God Particle named The Higgs-Boson Particle after six physicists, probably after a drinking bout, suggested it exists, but when I looked for information I immediately got a link to The Jerusalem Post boasting about Israel’s great involvement in this earth-shattering discovery.

The particle in question actually has nothing to do with God but the trashy media cannot resist making a buck out of it. Thus the sensational announcements, after all most of them are very partial to Israel.

Darwin would be turning in his grave if he thought what created the universe is actually not a simple brainless and dumb organism that crawled out of the sea, but a Higgs-Boson article which created everything in preparation for existence to come about.

As if the possibility of a primary primordial primitive cell evolving into all living organisms and beings over billions of years in such a slow process which could never be fathomed was not enough of a challenge, we now have the sons of Darwin going much further by suggesting that everything living or inert – including Darwin and the magnificent six physicists – were created as a result of an infinitesimally tiny particle exploding and creating matter, not over millions of years but in zero time and zero space.

Now, everyone who knows me knows how much I respect science and scientists but such rubbish is by no means anywhere close to science. It is more the field of black magic and tricksters than science.

Scientists who ignore logic and just pursue mathematics and physical algebra ridden with inaccuracies and approximations can and do fall into traps such as those set for them by theoretical hallucination and vivid over-active imagination. Worse still, the work at the famous labs is given to scientists who get enormous salaries and are expected to provide some justification which is an unfair burden because they need solid and defined objectives and these they have not.

Logic is the origin and not mathematics. Long before we could count we were able to survive for millions of years. Long before Algebra and Physics the world was complete from the material as well as mathematics points of view. Maths and physics (the theory) are simplified approximations of reality expressed in man’s vision of things and do not (NOT) represent reality per se. Therefore we must always involve logic in any mathematical or physical representation of reality to safeguard against crazy enthusiasm resulting from mathematical conclusions of poor approximations and imprecise representations.

The appearance of a blip on an oscilloscope could have a million and one different true explanations but, even if this was a particle, it would mean having a mass. Where did that mass come from? Where did it find the energy to explode and what did it take to crash into what to generate this so- called God particle? Perhaps a God-God particle put your particle there and provided the funds, technology and brains as well as the enormous energy, engineering, etc, etc.

Strangely enough the same people who deny the existence of God are desperately trying to prove that a totally insignificant thing which they cannot find is responsible for creation instead of one they do not know.

To believe the theory of Higgs-Booson we must believe the following:

  1. The big bang occurred in a space and time condition similar to that of the accelerator and was initiated by enormous power using “EXISTING ” particles crashing into each other at unbelievably high speeds.
  2. That this God particle is impossibly difficult to find or even recreate using such huge funds and hundreds of brains as well as extremely complex and expensive equipment, an underground tunnel of miles and miles in a circular accelerator.
  3.  The God particle which is so difficult to find, see or experience decided on its own and with none of the above necessary brains and equipment and power to explode and fill in matter where no matter, energy, space or time ever existed and then disappeared for billions of years until the clever clots at Cern recreated it in this monumental white elephant paid for by ordinary taxpayers.
  4. That there was a single God particle with no characteristics of our universe. Or is it suggested that a universe of God particles existed with its own physics and mathematics and of course logic? But that would defeat the Big Bang Theory since we do not know how big and complex the God Universe was.
  5. That our discovered claimed God particle was produced as a result of extreme physical concussion and not a single little or large universe resulted from its creation.
  6. Finally, if this was the God particle it had a funny way of showing it, being created rather than the creator.
3 Responses to The Higgs-Boson multi-million dollar wastage and the God-Universe
  1. Ahmet abidin ozbek
    December 18, 2011 | 05:39

    Dear Dr. Hilmi

    unfortunately, i âm very dissappoint with your articles.
    First, of all I am kurdish like you are and we have
    Something common. We are fighting for our freedom, democracy, equal citizenship’s as a Kurdish,. We are both agree. And I respect your experience, age, knowledge as a younger generations. But, there are thing you mention I could not agree which is your main theme of all articles. If, this page not publish my comment I will find someway against your claims. Darwinism, evolution or related matters almost very essential in any of your comment dear doctor. But, the kurdish people today not
    Suffering because of darwinism. In contrary, our religious belief, absurd sect, crimes under the name of God. All the neighbors of Kurdish people were not Darwinist, evolutionist or atheist. They were Muslim, they were believer etc. As we are Kurdish, we have also choice to
    Believe god or not. Do you really honest about to choices as a Kurdish intellectual. More Darwinist, evolutionist, agnostic or atheist people live in Europe and America. Those countries helped to Kurdishore than anyone. Plus, you are not authorized or skilled to make comment on those issues. I am also writer in this page but if they don’t publish it I will find way to support my case against your comments. I am not againt you but under the name of attacking Darwinism you are openly declaring war against atheists, agnostics or nonbelievers.Kurdistan is not prison of god or religion. That is wrong.
    Best wishes

  2. Dr shakawan
    January 15, 2012 | 10:47

    I read your article with interest as I have been following this development over the last few months.

    I have to make it clear that I am not a physicist but understand few of the principles.

    I am a bit confused about your argument! you put it as the fact that the scientists have found the Higgs which is not factually correct as they have not claimed that they have found it but they are trying to put the theory in to the test and prove either way whether it actually exists or not.

    Secondly this is not a new theory as you claim that few physcist came together while they were drunk and subsequently built multi billion technology to test their absurd theory as you put it.

    The theory was proposed as part of the standard module in the 1960s that you have failed to mention in your unscientific analysis of the theory.

    For some bizzare reason you jump to a conspiracy theory and completly dismiss the whole project simply because you think it is an israeli project!!

    The scientist at Cern will finally tell us by the end of this year whether this illusive particle exists or not and I will be interested to see what will be your reaction if they prove that it actually does not ?!

    I dont understand why you think if Higgs is proved to exist that it will some how be against the God ! Because it is clear that the big bang theory might explain our existence but science has not claimed that it understands how the second it started which to me is a proof that this power is only in God’s hand!

  3. Dr Shakawan Ismaeel
    July 6, 2012 | 16:49

    Dear Dr Hilmi

    Now the Higgs Boson particle is announced that it does actually exist !! I wonder what you thoughts are over this historic discovery ?!!


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