Help Akre Refugee Camp

By Yara Kamaran Ismael:camp01

‘Help Akre Refugee Camp’ is a fundraising campaign that seeks to provide the needy families of Akre camp in Kurdistan with hygiene kits that will last them for two months. Each kit costs approximately $6. This campaign is based in California and conducted by Kurds living outside of the country. Kurdistan is in need of every helping hand in this crisis; please ensure that you do your duty.

For contributions:

1. Electronic transfer or deposit:

Bank name: Wells Fargo / Bank Routing No.: 122000247 / Bank Account: 9302749842

2. By check:

Check to be made to Kurdish-American Education Society (Mailing Address: 1498 Forest St. Upland, CA 91784) In the memo section please write: Yara-Charity.


Help us reach our goal!

Yara Kamaran Ismael, Director of the campaign, ‘Help Akre Refugee Camp’

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me at:

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  1. Rawand
    July 19, 2015 | 23:43

    Wars are adding to the growing number of refugees worldwide. How can illegal refuge influx be curbed or voluntary deportation be enticed without presence of actual peace in region. Same rule applies to Kurdistan. Refugee NGOs and Peace Movements need to double up their efforts to ensure wars come to an end. Irans Nuclear Deal is an optimistic sign which could pave the way for regional security and prosperity.

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