Global rally for solidarity with Kobani, 1st Nov

Society for Threatened Peoples Press Release:kobane 3

The Society for Threatened Peoples supports the appeal of exile-Kurds and their friends in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia for a Global Rally to show our solidarity with the citizens of the Kurdish town Kobani in Northern Syria.

On Saturday 1st November 2014 there shall be big and smaller demonstrations or pickets all over the world. Make your city a part of it! Get all your friends together and organize a rally with banners and flags to show your support for the people defending Kobani.

The terrorist organization “Islamic State” (IS) has been trying to take the region and city of Kobani since the end of 2013, but it has failed due to the resistance of the Kurdish fighters from the People’s Protection Units (YPG). In mid-September the Islamists started a major offensive and from 28th September they attacked the city itself.

Exile-Kurds all over the world ask the United States of America and the European Union to exert pressure on the Turkish government in Ankara to change their politics against the IS. The IS is waging a war of extermination against the children, women and men of Kobani before their face. There is some evidence that Ankara has been supporting the extremists for at least two years now. In our judgement the aim of the Turkish government is to destroy the three Kurdish regions Kobani, Afrin and Jazeera in Northern Syria. This policy can’t be accepted by the world any longer!

While supporting IS-fighters logistically the Turkish government gives very little medical treatment to injured Kurds. Some of them are left to their own devices on the Syrian side of the border and bleed to death.

All in all, 200.000 Kurds were expelled from Kobani.

The Society for Threatened People demands:

  • More humanitarian aid for the refugees from Kobani!
  • A corridor to bring food and weapons from the other Kurdish regions to the surrounded Kurdish fighters of Kobani.

If you need help with the organization or for further questions please call our Middle East Speaker Dr. Kamal Sido, Tel.: 0049 551 499 06 18


2 Responses to Global rally for solidarity with Kobani, 1st Nov
  1. Jan Best de Vries
    October 24, 2014 | 12:30

    The ideological center of the IS is not Raqqa in Syria, but Istanbul in Turkey. This is an internal Turkish problem which should be solved by the Turkish government in Ankara. The responsibilty for the Kurds in the three threatened cantons of Rojaza lies primarily with the Kurds in East Anatolia, more often designated these days already as North Kurdistan. In the Netherlands we wear 1 November our buttons with the Kurdish flag of the Kurds in present-day Iraq and Iran.

  2. Baqi
    October 24, 2014 | 17:55

    Don’t forget your independence. Fighting terrorism is important but more important is fighting for your independence first. Kurdish political parties need to allocate the same resources and efforts for independence. Such global rallies must be held to draw world attention to seeking a permanent solution to Kurdish dilemma in all parts. KT should continue writing in support of Kurdish independence.

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