Game is not over

By Zeravan Barwary:

In the beginning of the Arab spring, there was several slogans saying that ‘the game is over’ and this is the era of democracy. However, this cannot yet be the final conclusion and we must be patient until we see the collapse of all dictatorships in this region.  Because in  Middle East,  it is important to note, the culture of unity requires a complete change of political image. There should be democracy in the whole region – otherwise the new political systems established by the people will be under threat from the totalitarian regimes which have survived.  It will be like the North Korean situation in Southeast Asia.

As a matter of fact, no political change occurs without obstacles or challenges but if the political elites and parties get busy with secondary matters and forget the main issues – which are freedom and good government – this will produce violence and may cause social conflict which has a dangerous long-term impact on peace and stability.

There are a lot of problems and crises created by totalitarian regimes in order to divide society and protect the rulers from public anger. For instance, Mubarak tried to show that his system is the best one and that it protects Christians inside Egypt and the peace process in the Middle East. Nevertheless, in reality, his regime was the major threat to democracy, peace and stability because it was playing very dangerous cards in its political game. It was working on people’s feelings and faith and trying to create social conflict and an emergency situation, because totalitarian regimes cannot survive without crisis and domestic conflict.

I can say that the game is not yet over. Much effort is required in order to create a healthy environment of co-existence and freedom in many societies in our region and there is a need for further efforts to improve peoples’ political awareness. This will help them develop their capability to choose the right side and the right elites to run the state in this era. The game will truly be over when the army becomes an agency of the state which prevents military power from interfering in politics and civil affairs. We must do our utmost to reach constitutional legitimacy, especially the young people who participate in civil action against totalitarian regimes – they must believe in the peaceful transition of power.

In brief, there are two ways to make it ‘game over’. First, the current dictatorial systems must believe in change and relinquish power through free elections. This would prevent violence and bloodshed and be the perfect way to save peoples’ lives and guarantee social peace in the future. The second way is through the resistance of the people to remove the remaining totalitarian regimes, finish the mission and realize the vision of the Middle East spring.

Zeravan Barwary has a Masters degree in Political Science. He has worked with international organizations such as UN, EU and NDI in many countries such as Turkey, Morocco, Jordan, Malaysia and Indonesia. Currently he is a volunteer with NGOs and a lecturer at the University of Dohuk.

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