Evolution and the theory of God (part 2)

By Dr Fereydun Rafiq Hilmi:

Political use of evolution theory

Evolution theory as it stands, like Freudianism and Machiavellianism, has been utilised for political dogma and ideology to control the minds of the public. Most believers in evolution blindly recite a few slogans such as “Survival of the fittest”, “Natural Selection”, “Missing links”, “Our ancestor apes” but they cannot explain or reason these slogans or produce any evidence other than a few bones of ancient man that may look like ape skulls, something which is a normal occurrence since the two species have similar DNA and even shapes and looks. The fact is that pigs also share a great deal of DNA with man and, to lesser degrees, all animals since it may be argued that the creator used similar materials and methods.

If we are to believe evolution then we need to know what causes it to be so complex and sophisticated. Random natural processes such as chemical reaction, physical effects … and what else? We know random processes do not follow any specific order (we must distinguish between the actual physical processes and the mathematical theories which have only recently been formulated and are approximations). A random process which turns intelligent without a brain to learn or a memory to hold experiences is highly unlikely to produce meaningful order or design. For example: no matter how many times we throw a dice, we cannot expect a regular outcome.

How then can we say that such random processes managed to make a dumb primitive cell reproduce and progress to form a very complex but perfectly designed creature, never mind a male and a female of each, both absolutely fitting each other with a fantastically clever means of reproduction process, organs designed perfectly for that purpose and then the whole progression from a single cell meeting another single cell leading to many stages of transformation in 9 months (in the case of humans) producing a perfect human being given that no pollutants interfere with process?

The fact is that there are several types of transformation, starting from one cell or two different gender cells. The former miraculously transforms into parts of the body of a creature while the latter combine in another miraculous manner to create an entire species within a few months, and sometimes just days. The blueprint or design is not under the control of the cells that start the complex processes, because for them to be so would mean the following:

The existence of a control mechanism of super intelligence and impossibly clever means of cognition, the like of which no man has been able to produce and possibly never will. The growth of a cell into a more elaborate structure, organism, creature, animal etc. is not a random or dumb banal process but a highly ordered and intelligent process, with thousands if not millions of decision-making nodes, leading always to the same perfect form of creature with equally fantastic gender selection process, seldom going wrong through interference by chemical or physical agents.

Creatures many share many characteristics

Nature has another side which is plant-based and here we have equally complex and mind-blowing processes going on, all implying well-designed, well-thought-out planned processes and structures requiring the knowledge of the physical world beyond the means of any super human let alone a mere dumb cell with no eyes, nose, ears, brain or information storage capability to start with.

Evolutionists disregard all the facts and talk about theoretical processes that they believe “might have happened” but omit the proviso that they only think they might have happened based on ridiculous evidence consisting of:

  • similarities between some species
  • a few skulls with millions of years of gaps between them, from which they attempt to string a historic pattern.

Classification of a huge number of creatures must inevitably lead to groups that share some of many characteristics, but that could not be construed as a process of metamorphic transformation from one into the other over a span of many millions of years. There just cannot be connectivity of a kind which will lead to a design such as the fantastic animal creatures and plants that seem to go through a protracted process – not over millions of years but right before our eyes. Unfortunately for evolutionists the processes of true evolution happen as a result of procreation and go right from the most primitive cell to the complete animal or plants in a few days, weeks or months (never more than a few months). What is even more interesting is the fact that each species has its own unique procreation and maturity rules and procedures, none of which could ever have evolved from random occurrences.

“Evolution impossible”

For evolution (as in Darwinism) to occur it would mean not 60 million years but not even an infinite number of years would be sufficient for a human eye to be invented let alone two perfect eyes that completely co-exist and conform to an entire human or animal body.

If we assume that a creator with unlimited power created the blueprints and the procedures and the natural world with everything on it, then we would be far closer to the logical truth than the silly evolutionary theory which is what a truly naive person would come up with, or someone who is desperately trying to deny the existence of a God.

Modern biology has discovered the DNA which is now regarded as the complete blueprint for all living creatures, each with its own characteristics. Every development in a living cell is already coded into the DNA including eye colour, hair, kidneys, toes and all minute details of the creature it is and will become.

That which is not in the DNA will not be developed throughout the creature’s life apart from non-physical aspects such as intelligence, knowledge, emotions and so on.

Final proof: the DNA blueprint

This proves that living cells already have reached their developed stages (evolution ceiling if you like) while still single cells from which within nine months a perfect human baby is produced after only 2 of these cells combine. The great question is: do animals have hands and feet as a result of the need to deal with the environment or are they already designed through their DNA? We are told by evolutionists that a camel’s feet and hump as well as its stomach and entire structure are the results of evolution while the DNA tells us a different and much more reliable story. How could a single cell have evolved into one with a DNA that knew about desert conditions without the apparatus of learning, seeing, or sensing those conditions? Human and living cells of primates in particular require the process of procreation between sperms and eggs and neither of these are found in a desert on their own without the male of female species that carry them. Thus the resultant fertilised egg could never have experience of the environment under normal circumstances and the said evolution could never be the basis of the appearance of the camel’s hump or hoofs unless the original cells already had the blueprints which, when combined through deliberate action of a male and female, produce the baby camel within just a few months and not millions of years.

All human sperms and eggs are normally made up of the same blueprint already perfectly coded to combine into the fertilised egg and start the short nine-month evolution into human beings. For these cells to have evolved over millions of years – so as they miraculously became human sperm and egg – they would have to have existed in nature as separate cells being battered and poisoned by the elements and would need to have continuity of life so that the long, long, long process of random evolution would create their individual DNAs and they would have to have prior knowledge of the need for them to somehow find each other and then get into a test tube (no humans would have existed) with a genius IVF expert helping then to get together and make available the necessary conditions in the laboratory and, as if that is not enough, he would have to invent a woman to insert the embryo into her womb to complete the process.

Otherwise evolution must find answers as to whether man and woman gradually evolved from something else before the sperm and the egg came into being and they decided that sex was the easiest quickest and most perfect way to go forward from that point onwards

The only logical answer to all these questions is a theory of GOD or the creator. Someone or something created everything and inserted different DNAs into different cells to produce us and everything else. Until we meet that creator or real proof of an alternative is found we have to discard the hallucination of some theoreticians who think scientific theory is anything you can dream up and people cannot materially disprove. Luckily we have our logical brains to save us from magic and heresy.


2 Responses to Evolution and the theory of God (part 2)
  1. kamiel verwer
    November 30, 2011 | 11:26

    please pay some more attention to the evolutionist theories. it’s not just skulls and similarities. It saddens me and many in the scientific community that authors like this one try to ridicule evolution, using the whole array of rhetorical tricks at their disposal and calling names frequently. Darwinism is a theory – just like gravity. Denying it is akin to insanity, not believing in it.
    Sadly, I am not even interested in this feller’s answer.

  2. Ari
    May 27, 2012 | 02:38

    Okay this whole article is based upon your ignorance and all the ‘points’ you make are false but I’ll just reply to a portion of it because there’s too much to get through.
    “…to form a very complex but perfectly designed creature, never mind a male and a female of each, both absolutely fitting each other with a fantastically clever means of reproduction process, organs designed perfectly for that purpose and then the whole progression from a single cell meeting another single cell leading to many stages of transformation in 9 months (in the case of humans) producing a perfect human being given that no pollutants interfere with process?”
    You think that humans are perfectly designed creatures?!
    Let me give you two examples of the imperfectness of humans off the top of my head; Firstly, we eat, drink and breathe through the same orifice. Therefore every time we consume food or drink we run the risk of choking. Is that what you consider perfect?
    A second example is the human eye. The human eye can only see a tiny portion of radiation along the electromagnetic spectrum, from 390nm to 750nm, that means the vast majority of the electromagnetic spectrum is completely out of the reach of our vision, we do not see Gamma, X-ray, Ultraviolet, Infrared or Microwave radiation. Again far from ‘perfect’. Just don’t use that word when referring to biology, or even science for that matter.
    You also think that the human reproductive process is perfect? Have you never heard of child being born with defects or disabilities?
    Please have a watch of this short 5minute video to explain to you simply that processes that cause evolution over time; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NdMnlt2keE&list=PLD018AC9B25A23E16&index=2&feature=plpp_video

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