Erdoğan to let Kurds play hide-and-seek in their mother tongue

By Kirmanj: 

Erdogan makes a "momentous concession" to Kurds

Erdogan makes a “momentous concession” to Kurds

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan passed a motion on July 23 to allow Kurds to play hide-and-seek in Kurdish. This legislation, effective as of July 28, came in light of recent developments in Kurdish-Turkish relations.

As of July 28, Kurds will be able to play hide-and-go-seek without fear of public repercussions. Clubs and assemblies of the game that operate underground can now run under the banner of the nation, free and no longer pursued. Experts describe this legislation as a “momentous” development in Kurdish rights, and it is expected to raise Turkish government revenues via taxation of previously covert hide-and-seek clubs.

“Turkey, as a model democracy in the region under the leadership of PM Erdogan, has done all it can to respond to the Kurds’ uncooperative demands,” said Mehmet, a Turkish political analyst and the co-author of the book Turkey: The Best Country in the Whole Wide World. “This motion should keep them Kurds silent for at least 5 years,” he added.

This affirmative outlook seems to be rampant among the Kurds as well. “What else can we ask for?” said Bekir, a satisfied Kurd from the Tunceli Province. “It gets me wondering of all the possibilities. Next thing you know, they will let us play ding-dong-ditch in Kurdish!”

A member of the “separatist” Êlih hide-and-seek club who preferred to stay anonymous said, “I had a dream that my children will be able to play hide-and-seek in their sweet mother tongue without having to answer for themselves in court.”

That dream today is a reality.

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  1. Zozan
    July 25, 2013 | 05:09

    Sir, this article does not make any sense. What is really your point/argument?

  2. […] De hecho el máximo gesto del presidente Tayyip Erdogan fue anunciar en julio que los niños kurdos podrían jugar al escondite en su lengua materna. Poco esfuerzo cuando las reivindicaciones kurdas eran […]

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