Did the West win or lose the Middle Eastern wars?

By Dr FR Hilmi:

I have heard many political analysts describing the west’s wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria as failures. The reason for coming to this conclusion, in my opinion, is the use of the wrong yardstick in the assessment of the outcome of those wars. Generally, the exit from Iraq, intended exit from Afghanistan and the chaotic situation in Libya and the enormous financial costs as well as the relatively minor human losses are cited as defeat and failure of the west. To strengthen this false conclusion many western analysts also support it and give the impression that this is true.

The goals and targets for those wars are assumed to be the permanent occupation of those countries and the direct rule imposed by the west on them, turning them into long term puppets which is difficult to ascertain when we consider that these countries will end up with what seem on the surface to be national parliamentary governments headed by local chiefs and rulers seemingly possessing their independence and free choice. Some elections are held and many artificially created parties and politicians are created and a great deal of oil money is placed in their laps. New classes of super rich, medium and lower ranks are created even though the vast majority remain on the breadline despite great wealth such as in Iraq and Libya.

All-in-all then, it appears on the surface that the US and her western allies have failed to achieve the targets as stated above. I however, believe the targets were and, are different and the west has more than fully achieved them.

The true targets as I see them are:

  1. Using western taxpayer funds to feed the military industrial sectors bringing them all those trillions spent on the wars. The 6 trillion dollars said to be the total losses from those wars are actually travelling from the US treasury into the coffers of the arms and industrial industries but all benefits from those wars are not shown in any western budgetary accounting and also go into those same coffers. As a result the nations are poorer but the capitalist 1 % is always richer.
  2. Paying for renovation and testing of arms and equipment of war.
  3. Getting huge reconstruction contracts for western companies and getting more work for the clearly tired economy.
  4. Destroying the infrastructure of emerging nations to increase the technological gap (the potential difference needed for the flow of goods to those states from the western industries and cheap natural resources).
  5. Killing and causing the death of large numbers of the populations of the victim nations on a frequent basis and in a “culling” exercise to reduce the numbers as a protective measure against Islamic population increase.
  6. Creating a condition of internal divisions into comparable sub-divisions leading to discrimination, discontent, distrust, indignation, resentment by one group against another and permanent turmoil, faction-fighting, sectarian strife and mild civil wars that will render the states ungovernable and out of action as far as Israel is concerned.
  7. Creating regional conflict preventing anti-western alliances or economic cooperation groups threatening the energy supplies or the western markets.
  8. Providing an example to all states that such harm will befall any state that dares cross the US and proving that there is no escape from their wrath.
  9. Implicitly demonstrating the most terrifying fate to anyone else.
  10. Strengthening US presence in their bases around the world and increasing their number.
  11. Destroying any threat coming from those countries to: (A) Israel; (B) Western industry and markets     
  12. Creating a new enemy (Islam) to replace the Soviet Threat which in the past provided the driving force for the western technology and marketing engine, leading to the demise of the soviets and thus keeping western populations on their toes in order to secure support for financing this evil policy under the pretext of fighting imminent threats from fictitious as well as western-created, financed and armed terrorist organisations by western dirty-tricks groups.
  13. Creating the impression that the governments are fighting to increase prosperity and provide jobs and a higher standard of living. In short tackling and finding solutions to the dire consequences of the very same policy.
  14. The US government and their allies have pursued these targets and have never succeeded as they have since the Reagan era, their fastest, most intense success has been after the invasion of Afghanistan.
  15. Creating a large population of mercenaries ready to fight for western goals much more fiercely than the South American or east Europeans working for Black-water and so on. This resembles the move made centuries ago by the Ottoman Turks when they created such an army to fight for its interests in the surrounding lands and placed them with their families in special military camps called “Ordus”. The language called “Urdu” was developed between residents of these camps who were mixtures of Arabs, Kurds, Indians and other nations under Ottoman rule.
  16. Created armies of informers and intelligence agents in Iraq, Libya and of course Afghanistan who will do all they can to serve their new masters.

The vast majority of the above targets have been met and the strong desire to pursue the same policy against Iran with renewed appetite and vigour and the fact that US and western arrogance exhibits much greater enthusiasm and confidence than before is ample proof that the west has in fact won those wars with flying colours thanks to the stupidity of the leaders of the defeated countries as well as the absence of any counter balance from any of the other powerful states such as Russia, China whose hesitant and half-hearted support acted as a catalyst for creating false hopes that they might intervene at the last moment. Putin’s Russia complained that they were against the invasion and destruction of Iraq and Syria but were duped by the west and that they were swept aside to complete the job and that they will not allow Syria to go the same way but it is clear that Putin was only worried about the loss of his share in the cake and has no objection to what is happening or the outcome and in fact is making plans to take part in the funerals once the deed is done and Syria is another dismembered body soaked in human blood and Russian promises…

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4 Responses to Did the West win or lose the Middle Eastern wars?
  1. Lorenzo Garcia
    May 3, 2013 | 09:43

    Democracy and Islam in less educated societies is an illusion.
    If democracy have a chance it demands more educated citizens, middle classes and the equality of all people in front of the law.
    Immunities for the governing parties or royalties is a cancer for democracy

  2. Ari Ali
    May 3, 2013 | 13:32

    Presumably , part of the problem is that people in mideast are mixing democracy with sociology and social justice . The later revolutions like french and russian tried to address.

    Nowadays , world is led by the democracy of the Capitalism . While capitalists claim to be ”democratic” at no point they said they have or in fact support social justice . In Capitalism if you are rich you become richer, no clear definition of rich , if you are poor you would not die .

    Capitalism is going to be tried in mideast with expected fiasco.

  3. Bamo Nouri
    May 4, 2013 | 08:52

    I think this article is incredibly naive and narrow-minded to put it lightly. If we are talking about success and defeat and Western position and status then it is evidently clear that the West (US and UK) has suffered with an effaced empire. Lets start with the curbing of ‘radical Islam’ and fundamentalism, the malignancy in terrorist behaviour or activity has grown at an exponential rate. If every terrorist group, type or individual is not in Iraq and Afghanistan now, it is surely on its way. The same thing goes for Libya and any other nation that the West has tried to deal a hand in. The passionate hatred towards the West has increased so much both in these countries and back home in the UK and US that society is metamorphosing drastically. The influx or radicals and foreigners from the bombed nations, that come and do commerce then take the money outside of the UK and US has broke the backbone of those economies. At the same time the illegitimate statistics regarding welfare and benefits has created even more fears. In the UK 4.5 million people are on state benefits, the nation is practically on its knees. University graduates are stacking shelves despite the degrees they have stacked, the same goes for the US. I have friends with PHDs that are struggling to compete with uneducated individuals for roles with the average ratio being 2000 applicants for each 4 positions. So point number one adumbrates that the foundations of the US and UK economy have been shattered. In terms of the populous, there is only so many lies they can take before the hunger strikes at home and the governments lies to create jobs and provide security and fight terrorism don not put bread on the empty tables and food in the rumbling bellies.
    Point number two; in terms of military presence, all these wars and no real money being made back has emaciated the nation’s military prowess and capabilities. This has come at a perfect time as the up and coming economies of China and North Korea are looking fortified and ready for battle alongside an ostentatious Iran that has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Weapons are not being bought at the same rate they used to be, the only way the ‘import/ export’ West survive is weapons deals, as it stands now they are being undercut by rival arms sellers. As for nations like Libya the new authorities are not stupid, they know exactly who the US are. Remember one thing that a bomb is not stronger than the continent, the righteous will prevail. The US empire that is in debt to China is looking wobbly it will not be long before it falls. You know what they say, the bigger the size the greater the fall….

  4. kuvan
    May 9, 2013 | 14:51

    The west lost winning the heart and mind of middle eastren poeple and strip them from thier own diffrent relegious and idological beliefs but won the wars on removing who ever they wanted and needed to be killed and over thrown from power.Howver the battle is not over and will not be any time soon because removing the secularist dictatores and leaders resulted in emerging relegious dictatores and most importantly a unity and power were unconciously created among the relgious leaders ,against teh the west ,in most of the middle eastren countries.

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