Did The Iraqi Government Say Iraq Is Safe Enough To Return To?

By Razbar Sulaiman:

An Islamic State suicide car bombing in the Karrada district of Baghdad early Sunday morning ripped through the neighbourhood busy with shoppers preparing for this week’s Eid Al-Fitr holiday, killing at least 250, wounding hundreds more, and further shredding the credibility of Iraqi government. A suicide bomber blew up an explosive-laden pickup truck outside a busy shopping centre shortly after midnight on Sunday. Many families were on the streets after breaking their Ramadan fast. The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack within hours of the blast, calling it a part of the group’s “ongoing security operations,” and said it had targeted Shia Muslims.

People came to buy clothes to celebrate Eid. But now, they are buying coffins. Our thoughts should be with the people of Iraq as they mourn their terrible loss in the latest atrocity. All the lives lost these past few weeks. No matter how different we all are, respect for life should be universal. Just because it’s not Paris or not a western country doesn’t mean people should forget about them. But the attack is not causing people to change their profile pictures like they did after the attack in Paris or Brussels. Similar observations were made after the Istanbul airport attack. So are people standing with Iraq? Any Facebook profile flag picture changes? I wonder if the Empire State Building will be illuminated with the tricolours of Iraq’s flag? Perhaps, only when these atrocities happen to Europe?

Facebook’s Safety Check feature for Baghdad came in about 30 hours after the actual explosions. Did it seriously take 30 hours after the explosions to create/consider the Safety Check? I’m extremely disappointed.
In my opinion, A profile picture doesn’t do much. But so many people changing their profile pictures to French and rainbow flags while very few having an Iraqi flag filter on their profile pictures does say something about the world. I have found these profile pictures a silly thing and never participated. I feel ashamed the Western world and my country as well doesn’t take action to really go and help the Middle East countries against terrorism. Let’s make a world flag. and represent the human race as one! Together on this planet in harmony so we can start focusing on the universe and not these petty blood battles between our own people. This is Earth.

People do care about the fact that Iraqi government says Iraq is safe enough to return to. Unfortunately nobody cares for Iraq. It’s too far away and its people are not important enough for the Western states.


Razbar Sulaiman is 20 years old, studying accounting at University of Human Development (UHDIS). Co-Founder of HackaSlemani. Ambassador of AngelHack & HackaGlobal in Kurdistan. Social media facilitator at HackaErbil & Startup-weekend Erbil. Volunteer at UNHCR & Kurdistan Save The Children (KSC). Economic researcher. 

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