Dana Saeed blames vote rigging and corruption for PUK poll defeat

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Dana Saeed

Dana Saeed

A prominent Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) member has blamed a combination of  ballot fraud in areas controlled by the Kurdistan Democractic Party (KDP) and “bad practice” by his own party leaders for the PUK’s poor showing in Saturday’s parliamentary election.

In an article for ‘Awene’ entitled ‘Election and PUK’, former MP Dana Saeed Sofi writes: “Election is a democratic process and there is the loser and the winner but this election was not a fair election, and there was a lot of vote rigging all over Erbil city, and the High Commission for elections couldn’t do anything about it”.

“In this election the PUK is the loser and it needs to take a lesson and stop and think about it” he adds. “Mainly this is due to, first, allowing Masud Barzani to elect himself for the presidency of Kurdistan. I opposed this at the time but nobody listened to me and I had big arguments with my colleagues over this point”.

“Second”, he writes, “it is due to the bad practice of PUK politburo members. The PUK should set up a court to take all corrupted PUK members and trial them by this court and question those leaders that are using the PUK as a business company for their own purpose”.

2 Responses to Dana Saeed blames vote rigging and corruption for PUK poll defeat
  1. Halmat Palani
    September 23, 2013 | 20:18

    am not ruling such an argument out bit come on man! many of the prominent figures in your party admitted defeat so stop whining and get down to figuring out why this happend!

  2. Halmat Palani
    September 23, 2013 | 20:25

    honestly how about some facts nd evidence instead of mere opinion with no factual basis.

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