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General Najim al-Jubouri on Ezidi Disaster and Return to Shingal

By Amy L Beam: 42-minute Interview with Amy L Beam, May 20, 2018, Mosul, Iraq. (Interview conducted in English with no translation to Arabic. Sorry for poor sound quality.) Amy (A): General Najim, can you explain your position and responsibilities? Najim (N): I am Major General, Commander of Nineveh province. A: What responsibilities does that…

Kidnapped Yezidi Boys Forced by ISIS To Be Suicide Bombers

By Amy L. Beam: ISIS (Daesh or Islamic State) recently released another propaganda video with the intent to inflict maximum pain to Yezidis. In the video are two Yezidi boys who were allegedly used as suicide bombers. The boys denounce their parents and Yezidis as infidels. They state they would explode themselves among the infidels….