Ban Ki-Moon

Poem by Freeyad Ibrahim:

In 1945 .

USA dropped A-bomb

over Hiroshima

and Nagasaki.

And he won the war.

And the international community

had condemned it


In 1988.

Nineteen eighty eight

Maybe at US recommendation

Or at least after Green light reception

Their brutal man,

had gassed Halabshima !

And he won the war against Iran.

And the international community

in the name of UN

had just expressed their condemnation.


Thanks to those ‘infidels’ though,

For the Islamic organizations,

did not utter a single word

of disapproval or condemnation!


Syria – Chemical bombs!

What a gloom!

The ground filled with tombs.

Only God may know by whom.

Maybe by Turkish or al-Qaida militants

whom the Americans now love and kiss.

Due to the Kurdish proverb:

(The hand you can’t cut,

You kiss or miss.)


All at a sudden,

Ban Ki-Moon:

(I express my sorry and sorrow for the…)

He appeared on TV at noon.


A tiny turtle has taken position

So long under the ocean,

Raises his head and requires by notion:

What happened? What is the matter?

And from a dolphin comes the answer:

No matter, mister,

It is again America

Which is bound

to catch another rat

under the ground !

28 – 8 – 2013

Freeyad Ibrahim was born in Soran, near Erbil. He was forced to flee Iraq in 1997 and now lives with his family in the Netherlands.  While still in the homeland, he worked as a journalist, translator and essay, article and short story writer. He graduated from the Bagdad University English department in 1981 and a decade later got a masters degree in Arabic language and eastern literature. Today he writes and translates in Kurdish, Arabic, English, Dutch and Farsi. He has written two novels, in Arabic and in Dutch, and is completing two more, in English and Arabic.

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