A Kurdish Journalist Is Brutally Murdered

By Suzan Jamal:

I want to inform the entire world about the current situation in my homeland of Kurdistan, although it is difficult to do so. I do not like to speak negatively of Kurdistan, yet there is much injustice taking place there.

In my homeland people live under hard circumstances; no salaries paid for work done, no electricity and a lack of clean drinking water. We are in a continuous state of fighting against ISIS.

There is no freedom to speak about the government and the parties that control life in the country. Any journalist who attempts to expose the many corruptions of the government is threatened.

The brutal murder of yet another Kurdish journalist, on August 13, 2016, rekindled anger inside me. It is like pouring salt on a wound.

Murdered Roj News journalist

Murdered Roj News journalist Widad Hussein

He was a young man by the name of Widad Hussein. He was killed due to information that he had written about the Kurdish authorities. Though the information was concise, the authorities apparently deemed it worthy of death.

Maybe it is not a good time for Kurdish journalists to say what should be said.

I wonder when times will be good for working and living a normal and free life as a simple human and as a journalist in Kurdistan.

Suzan Jamal was Editor in chief for a scientific magazine in Kurdistan and has been living in the United States for 18 months. She has written several books and translated several others from Arabic into Kurdish.

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