150 Peshmargas ‘fly to Turkey’, planning to join YPG in Kobani

KT News:

Peshmarga forces

Peshmarga forces

Around 150 Peshmargas from the Kurdistan Region have today flown out of Erbil to join the prolonged battle against ISIS in Kobani, according to media reports. The soldiers were said to be flying to Silopi in Turkey, from where they would travel by road across the Syrian border to the besieged Kurdish town of Kobani. It is reported that their plane was loaded with light weapons and that supplies of heavy weapons will be transported by road to Turkey overnight.

Peshmarga minister Mustafa Qadir has said the deployment is open-ended and that, “They will remain there until they are no longer needed.” A ministry spokesman said the fighters are “support forces” and will be armed with automatic weapons, mortars and rocket launchers.

This development follows a vote by the Kurdistan Parliament to send troops to support Kurdish YPG forces in Kobani who have been resisting a sustained ISIS offensive, using heavy weapons captured from Iraq, since early September. Following its previous refusals, the Turkish government agreed last week to allow the Peshmargas to reach Kobani via Turkey. Observers believe this is partly due to US pressure, after the US changed its own policy and began supporting the YPG Kurds with air strikes. Another factor is that the Turkish authorities see the Peshmargas as a possible counter-balance to the influence of the PKK-linked YPG.

“The only way to help KobanI, since other countries don’t want to use ground troops, is sending some peace-oriented or moderate troops to KobanI. What are they? Peshmerga… and Free Syrian Army (FSA),” said Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu. While the YPG has said it will welcome the Peshmargas, it has expressed doubts about some FSA forces which it believes have strong links to Turkish intelligence.

Inside Kobani, a YPG official said he did not know when the Peshmargas would arrive.”We have no information other than what we are reading on social media or hearing on the news,” Idris Nassan told AP. The YPG Press Centre today reports that ISIS is launching missile and mortar attacks on the town centre after failing to advance in continuing fierce clashes.

3 Responses to 150 Peshmargas ‘fly to Turkey’, planning to join YPG in Kobani
  1. Kawa
    October 28, 2014 | 20:34

    Does it hold truth that the U.S. Administration has finally agreed to recognize Kurdish independence in South? Some Kurdish media outlets recently reported. If so, what can be a better news?

  2. Murad
    October 28, 2014 | 21:37

    Kurds in Iraq and Syria have gained their rights. Thanks to US. I wonder when should we invite our Turkish brothers for a turkey invitation on the table. Turkey should respect 25 million Kurds rights, as well. No exception for no Ally.

  3. Jan Best de Vries
    October 29, 2014 | 09:07

    Why should Mr. Erdogan suddenly allow 150 Peshmerga’s from Kurdish territory in Iraq to travel over Turkish territory to Kobane, whereas he considers the Kurdish fighters in that town to be members of a terrorist organization because they are PKK befriended?

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