“Border point taxes are pocketed by KDP deputies” claims ex-security boss


The former director of the security office in Ibrahim Kalil, the border town between Turkey and South Kurdistan, has told the local newspaper Lvinpress that: “The gross revenue from all the taxes collected from this border point goes into the pockets of KDP deputies and not into the coffers of the KRG”.

Saeed Akram claimed that only two people know about these money transfers. He said that there are around 5,000 vehicles going in and out of Kurdistan via the checkpoint each day and, since each vehicle pays $300 tax, the daily revenue is around $1.5 million.

Akram told Lvinpress that he is prepared to go to the court to prove his claim with all the necessary documentation.

Kurdistan MP Adnan Ausam, a member of the finance committee of the Kurdistan Parliament, told reporters that he has no idea what happens to the revenue from Ibrahim Khalil. Against this background there is a question about what the finance committee actually does.

The problem of revenue collected from the taxes checkpoints is a key obstacle to any agreement between the Iraqi government and the KRG.