Yazidi Women Are Sold Heartlessly


By Muhamed Hassan –  Immersed Thinking:

Two worlds with two totally different contents: one world hosts the Paris Fashion Show with French designer Olivier Rousteing and his A-list women pals to model his autumn 2016 designs. The Mail said: ‘The girls failed to crack a smile and looked rather miserable as they flaunted their colourful wares.’

The other world is that of Yazidi women who are making dresses for their elderly pals at Bajed Kandal Camp No.2. These Yazidi women live in miserable tents as internally displaced persons, after being subjected to hell at the hands of Daesh.

A tiny minority in Iraq, Yazidis lived mainly in the isolated Sinjar mountain region, and, like Iraqi Christians, were targeted by the terrorists who said they wanted to cleanse the region of non-Muslims.

Dr. Nemam Ghafouri of Joint Help for Kurdistan told Rudaw English, how the Yazidi women lost their traditional dresses because of Daesh fighters. She said some of the women told of how their treasured dresses were torn up by ISIS leaving them half naked with nothing to wear.’

According to Kurdish authorities, there are still 3878 Yazidi prisoners, with 1800 women and children among them. Yazidi women are now being sold in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Libya as Daesh considers Yazidi people heretics. It is reported that some of the customers are Chechens.

Nadia Murad, 21, a Yazidi who campaigns for highlighting her community’s plight, and whose 6 brothers were butchered by the terrorists, spoke last month at Trade Union Congress in central London. She says: ‘My mother saw them killing my brothers and then they took my mother and killed her.’

The stories about women Yazidis are harrowing and sickening. They have been forcibly married, sold, given as gifts, murdered, raped, orphaned, and intimidated to convert to Islam.

Human race has committed many atrocities that are beyond comprehension, and the geoncide perpetrated against the Yazidis falls into that category. The mass graves discovered in Sinjar last November did amount to genocide.

So ahead of Women’s Day (March 8) Yazidi women will not live the razzmatazz of the Paris Fashion Show, or attend the event as snooty customers. They will weep and repeat, mourn and moan, sigh and cry. They will simply ask: what have we done to deserve this?


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