PJAK freedom fighters push back Iranian army

By Harem Karem:

PJAK spokesperson ‘Sherzad Kemankar’ this evening told local newspaper ‘Hawlati’: “The fighting between PJAK and Iranian army stopped at 15:00 on Sunday. After engaging in a heavy battle, PJAK has managed to push the Iranian army back to where they originally were”.

More than 50 have died this weekend in clashes between the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guards (IRRG) and Kurdish armed rebels known as the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK). This followed four weeks of shelling of the mountainous area on the border of the Kurdistan region by the Islamic Republic of Iran, forcing the inhabitants to evacuate.

Local newspaper ‘Awene’ reported that: “Kurdish rebel PJAK continued confronting the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guards in Koge Vally and Khnere in Pshdar area inside the border of Kurdistan Region until 03:00 on Sunday morning”.

‘Sherzad Kemankar’ told ‘Awene’ earlier today: “The Iranian forces first attacked PJAK on 16 July, the fight started again at 08:00 on Sunday morning and so far resulted in 53 Iranian soldiers been killed and 43 others wounded, while two PJAK fighters killed and two other wounded”.

Kemankar also said: “According to the information we have obtained, the Iranian forces are carrying out a joint operation with Ansar Al-Islam, using heavy weapons and have crossed Iraqi border by two kilometres”.

Ansar Al-Islam is a terrorist organisation that was based in Hawraman on the border of Kurdistan and Iran until 2003 when US attacked them with long-range missiles and forced them to lay down their weapons. They have now regrouped in Iran and are often held responsible for terrorist attacks in Iraq.


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  1. Rose
    July 18, 2011 | 13:12

    PJAK should not give any excuse to the Iranian forces to attack south of kurdistan .Armed struggle is difficult,but i can not say futile struggle .Other nation has followed the same path…

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  3. david fuchs
    September 12, 2011 | 22:26

    Grow up you so called freedom fighters or the american arm, haf the modern world will get you. You are obviously playing at liberation. If so drop it. If not do it properly.learn and learn and use the world.

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