ISIS (with Turkey’s help) MUST free ALL Kurdish hostages or face Peshmerga in Mosul+ and likely PKK in Ankara

By Steve Tataii:

Peshmarga Forces

Peshmarga Forces

Kurdish people have run out of patience, when none of the captive Yezidis numbering in 10,000 Kurdish hostages taken from Sinjar (Shengal) held captive in Mosul, Talafar, Raqqa, and other locations, nor some 50 Pehsmerga, of which 17 or more recently shown in cages in Hawija, have been freed as apparent so far.

Any further harm done to Kurdish hostages will have serious consequences for Da’esh (aka ISIS, ISIL, IS) as well as its supporter “Turkey”.

PKK warned Turkish regime to cease their aggressive suppression against Kurds in villages, towns, and cities in North Kurdistan (South East Turkey) invaded since 1923; specifically in the past few weeks; when their current regime under Erdogan opened fire on peaceful demonstrators killing hundreds of Kurdish civilians in weeks past. They were rightfully objecting border blockades by Turkey to prevent them from taking humanitarian support and assistance to their people in Kobani (Kobane) under Da’esh (aka ISIS, ISIL, IS) constant vicious full military style attacks.

Da’esh has also paraded 17 hostages, mostly or all Peshmerga, in cages threatening to burn them alive in last week’s published video. This has outraged the Peshmerga Forces.

Doing so they have touched that nerve in the Peshmerga, which will soon force them to eliminate Da’esh from the region unless they FREE all Kurdish hostages within a short period of time, which may in turn give them a while longer the chance to escape from the planned attacks by Iraqi army and their allies’ air assaults. But their delay may lead to a much sooner attack by Peshmerga Forces themselves, likely also with the help and support of coalition forces speeding up Da’esh’s total destruction unless they free ALL Kurdish hostages at once.

It appears, that the Peshmerga:

Unless Da’esh frees all the hostages; will level Mosul, Hawija, Talafar, and Ragga, and I’m sure PKK too will not be remiss taking part in it. For this reason Da’esh should think twice before harming or keeping Kurdish hostages any longer, because I know how angry Peshmerga can be when their people are under imminent danger.

The Turkish regime was also responsible for denying Kurdish citizens, and their supporters safe passage through the border to help and defend Kobane’s citizens from Da’esh’s assaults, leading to over 200,000 Kurdish refugees, fleeing their homes in Kobane Canton, hundreds of Martyrs after 134 long bloody days, and their homes leveled by Da’esh bombardments.

The PKK warned that if Kobane fell they would start their defensive actions, and break the ceasefire.


These two most destructive and provocative aggressions by Turkey and its proxy “Da’esh aka ISIS” may leave very little room for the peace process to continue, and it is a formula for disaster about to take place if all Kurdish hostages are not released. PKK may even come to Ankara to settle Turkey’s crimes against humanity against Kurds of old and new accounts.

This is why; Turkey – if not its proxy “Da’esh” by itself, in similar ways; when supposedly “Turkish hostages” were freed by Da’esh not too long ago – must immediately instruct them to FREE ALL KURDISH HOSTAGES which, again, includes the 50 Peshmerga, some in cages according to their video, and over 10,000 Yezidis kidnapped from Sinjar (Shengal).

Therefore; To Da’esh (aka ISIS, ISIL,IS):

“Don’t be so arrogant nor Foolish; Set ALL Kurdish Hostages Free Now. Only then Peshmerga may change their minds, and you may have a few more weeks before the Coalition forces’ full-scale offensive plan starts.”

To the Mainstream World Media:

“Stop your callous propaganda for ISIS, giving them credence they do not deserve. Da’esh is only a terrorist thug group, regardless of their gains through surprise attacks, knowing they can never get away with their murderous atrocities. Help their elimination, and not promotion – which only helps add more deranged and sadistic recruits, whom continue to join ISIS bloody atrocities against innocent civilians blindly not even know what they’re getting into.”

To UN and World Humanitarian Aid Organizations:

“Send Support to the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) to assist the 1.6 million Refugees (and growing) in dire need of proper shelter, food, and medical support. Also send the same to Kobani city and villages through the YPG and YPJ directly, and/or the KRG also for Kobani’s reconstruction.

They need all the support they can get, and that need will nowhere end soon until normal conditions return a few years down the road.”

“I encourage some top wealthy individuals having billions to also chip in, and why not?

What other noble cause such as this one could be on their top priority list?”

Steve Tataii is a Kurdish scholar, former US House Representative in 2002 September – November (but denied of his victory through a plot by corrupt inner circle political elements). US House Candidate ’08 (special interest incumbent opponent refused to debate), author of three recent books on the Iraq War related to Kurds and Kurdistan, long-time contributing writer for local and other media, linguist of more than six languages, and an Independent Conflict Resolution Consultant. The author can be reached via email at:


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