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Ukraine: Europe’s Syria?

Ramyar Hassani

By Ramyar Hassani: On 21st November 21, 2013 president Viktor Yanukovych announced that Ukraine had suspended a trade pact and political association agreement between Ukraine and the EU which strengthened ties with the European Union and was instead seeking closer cooperation with Moscow. Following this announcement, the Ukrainian opposition expressed displeasure and peaceful protests –…

Syria: West must talk to PYD, not back Jihadists

By Harem Karem: The growing desire to distribute even more killing machines, while deducting the bill from the victims’ resources, reached a new peak on Monday as the warmongers gathered in Brussels, aiming to lift the EU arms embargo on the pretext that the Syrian rebels are the ‘moderate opposition’ and this would instigate a…

PKK’s historical move for peace

Ocalan banner

By EUTCC: It is with great appreciation that the EUTCC (EU Turkey Civic Commission) received the message from Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council President Murat Karayilan that the PKK withdraws its forces gradually from Turkey starting 8 May, 2013. The withdrawal is a result of the ongoing peace talks between the PKK’s leader Mr….