PJAK resistance continues

By Harem Karem:

The battle between PJAK and the Iranian army resumed on Monday morning and the Iranian regime continued shelling Kurdish villages on the Kurdistan-Iran border.

Sources at Qaladze hospital told local newspaper ‘Hawlati’: “At 09:30 on Monday morning, Ms Manih Omer Ibrahim aged 27 from Suni village in the Pshdar area was injured as a result of Iranian shelling”.

PJAK spokesperson 'Sherzad Kamangar'

On the other side of the border more than 30 families were forced to evacuate in Choman, ‘Al sumaria-news’ reported.

In an interview with Sbeiy.com, the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) spokesperson ‘Sherzad Kamanker’ dismissed claims by the Iranian commander of the Revolutionary Guard, Col. Delavar Ranjbarzadeh, that they have captured three PJAK camps.

He went on to say: “PJAK rebels are mobile and have no such thing as camps”, while describing Iranian commanders as “jokes” using propaganda to cover up their defeats over the past few days.


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