Marathon Oil: A formal retraction

KT Statement:

On 4th January 2014 The Kurdistan Tribune published an article by our editor Harem Karem entitled, “The cost of oil – how long can we stay silent”. This article included a reference to Marathon Oil’s operations in Kurdistan which we now accept was inaccurate and which The Kurdistan Tribune and Harem Karem formally retract.

Marathon Oil has stated to us that it “has never cut down 7,000 trees in the Shaqlawa area near Hawler”. We believe this to be true and we retract the contrary claim made in the article. We apologise to Marathon Oil and to our readers for publishing information based on inaccurate sources in this instance.

The article also stated that Marathon Oil “didn’t discover a drop of oil” in the area being explored and we accept that this could be misconstrued to mean that Marathon Oil has not discovered any oil in the Kurdistan Region. We agree that this is not the case.

Finally we accept that Marathon Oil has a Corporate Social Responsibility team based at its Erbil office whose remit it is to listen to the concerns and needs of local stakeholders in the communities in which it operates.

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