Kurdistan Region still without an active government

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Ex-Prime Minister Saleh

Ex-Prime Minister Saleh

The Kurdistan Region is still without an active government since the resignation of Dr Barham Saleh, former prime minster of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

In line with their strategic agreement, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) are sharing power in the cabinet for four years, with each party holding the prime ministerial position and controlling the cabinet for two years. The PUK’s two years ended in December 2011 and now it’s the KDP’s turn to set up the cabinet.

Saleh’s resignation has been accepted by President Barzani. However, observers believe that the KDP is in no rush to prepare its cabinet due to the imminent anniversary of the uprising: they want to wait and see what happens.

But how can the KRG allow this uncertainty (with rumours in the media about new posts, etc) to continue? We have no prime minister or cabinet at a time when there are so many urgent matters to address, both in south Kurdistan and in foreign policy. Most of the people are sick and tired of the apportioning of the cabinet between the two parties. This is a legacy of the 1990s which they called “50/50”. There are announcements and statements from here and there,  from both ruling parties, on the new cabinet which will be the “Seventh” but nothing definite up to now. Ordinary people are asking what is going on.

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  1. kuvan Bamarny
    February 13, 2012 | 18:12

    So everything has been put on hold for now eh?.My bad luck we do not have a government yet we have hundred thousands politicians.
    Most of kurdistan`s population have become politicians they got nothing else to do except competing and fighting on how to snatch the power off each other.I guess they now what they are doing as we all know as well that catching the power means making cash.Each and every one want to be the leader.And poor ordinary people should just set back and watch the WFC fighting match and see who is going to win the next match.Kurdistan has became a silly joke and outsiders are laughing at us .It is so shameful and arrogant.
    The most urgent matters to address, is poverty, education and healthcare.If you don’t call these urgent matters then you don’t care about poeple.Forign policies are clear and cut in the constitution so barraging and beating around the bush.
    Kora har bjit Bjit kurdo kurdistan.Slavo rez la sar gyane paki shaheedo qaramanani kurdistan.

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