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Kamal Chomani

By Kamal Chomani:

Amidst a wave of harsh criticism of the Gorran (Change) party for its meetings with Nechirvan Barzani – when the KNN unprofessionally received him cordially as a ‘national savior’ – the leader of the party has published his letter to Gorran MPs in the Kurdistan parliament. This letter marks a milestone in the Change Movement’s political life. Apart from that, it also marks a turning point in Kurdish politics.

I was not going to write anything these days because of my limited time. When exams come, you should forget about the Kurdish political situation and the status quo of the KRG, otherwise it fills your mind with woes. But this time was different. I had to praise Nawshirwan Mustafa’s letter. Some friends may label me as a Gorran supporter after reading this article, but I do not care. We should support the rare good attitudes of political figures, not least because they rarely happen.

Nawshirwan Mustafa’s letter is a turning point in Kurdish politics and parliamentary life. The most important point is that Nawshirwan asked them either to resign or to apologise because they had requested from the presidency of parliament benefits for themselves rather than for the people.  The MPs had requested the right to buy apartments, which had been provided to them by the KRG, at discounted rates. These MPs have not committed corruption, but definitely, if they make such requests, they will for sure be more corrupt in future. So now, within the Change Movement, there is the phenomena that no one can dare to put his will ahead of the people’s.

The letter itself contributes in the democratization of Kurdistan. It stimulates people to think that, when they have voted, they should not allow any of their representatives from any institution to play with their decision. The letter plays a pivotal role in the process of investigating corrupt officials. Transparency cannot work by words, it should work with actions.

The Change Movement will lose four MPs but, at the same time, it wins the hearts of hundreds of others. When people become the center of politics, no one becomes corrupt.

If the KRG and the two ruling parties, KDP and PUK, had done what Nawshirwan Mustafa did a few days ago, we would have a democratic, transparent and institutionalized government.

This letter has another importance. The duty of MPs has become heavier. People supposed that the Change Movement would not be as active as it was towards Barham Salih’s cabinet, but this letter gives a certain message that the MPs should work harder, and they should be harsher towards the upcoming cabinet and premier.

Nawshirwan Mustafa has hinted at six strategic guidelines for Gorran’s MPs. The six guidelines should be implemented in the coming two years left of this parliamentary term. If MPs do what their leader has invoked, the parliament will be as active as we want.

Salar Mahmud, a PUK MP, in his interview with Nalia TV asserted that the  PUK directed its MPs to support the demonstration law in which they put restrictions on civil gatherings. He also mentioned that, another time, the politburo of the PUK interfered during discussions on the electoral high commission bill.

Nawsherwan Mustafa underscores: “I don’t like anybody not to do any wrongs for the fear of party discipline. They rather should not make any mistakes for fear of the people’s suffering and they should not do any unfair acts for fear of their conscious response.”

Two different situations. The KDP and PUK interfere with their blocs in parliament to orient them in a wrong direction. Meantime, Nawshirwan Mustafa intervenes in Gorran’s bloc in order to correct it and put an end to the passiveness of some MPs.

The letter is a step towards real change in Kurdish politics. It should be appreciated. I do believe that Change has changed. At least in the sense that they can confess that they have not done as the people expected. Confession is challenging, but those who confess, win.

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  1. Baqi Barzani
    January 28, 2012 | 18:07

    Just venting apologies does not suffice. They must step down or it won’t really make any big disparity and impression

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