California’s Kurds celebrate Newroz

By Dino Diyar:

Kurdish people living in San Francisco, California, got together to celebrate Newroz. The occasion began with a one-minute’s silence for those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Kurdistan. Hozan Murat Daslik and his band then played songs in Kurdish. “The attendance of people was greater than in previous years” said Nurettin Basar,president of California Kurdish Community Center (CKCC).

Nurettin and CKCC co-president Hievda Ugur made speeches in Kurdish and English before the celebrations began.

“As you may already know, the Kurds have been celebrating Newroz with the hopes of freedom and peace. Tonight, we will be celebrating our Newroz, sharing the same feelings”, he declared.

“Our kind greetings to Kamislo, Silemaniye, Ebril, Serhat and Botan.  Our respect and greetings to our immortal heroes. We are the result of  their efforts and resistance. Newroz is the symbol of resistance to oppression because of them.  Thus, I would like to commemorate our heroes: Şêx Said, Seyid Rizay, Mazlum Dogan, Zekiye, Ronahi, Orhan Dogan, Vedat Aydin and many more.   Newroz is the solution, a solution to an autonomous, democratic, republican country. One day, we will be living in that autonomous, democratic, republican, country, representing our identity proudly, living our religions or beliefs freely under our own flag. The resistance in Kurdistan to the oppressive forces today is the messenger of a free and joyful Kurdistan.

“Turkey and other countries persecute, murder, and arrest Kurds for many years to oppress them. The Turkish government now attacks the civilians who celebrate Newroz with real bullets to continue their hostility. But as expected, Kurdistan responded by resisting the attacks and celebrating Newroz proudly. In Amed, Van, Batman, Colemerg, Sirnak, Istanbul and other cities, Kurds celebrated Newroz with great excitement. We salute their successful resistance. We call it a step to freedom and liberty.

“Turkey and the whole world should know that persecution, torture and executions will not be enough to end our existence. The Kurdish people want to self-manage themselves under their own flag proudly.  For years, the Turkish government is using their dirty tricks and political interests to silence the Kurdish people. But Kurds have not submitted to these ugly acts and they won’t ever do so. If and only if the Kurds have their own regional governments, where they can speak or teach their language freely, the problems will be solved”.

Newroz celebration in California

Newroz celebration in California

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