For as long as you stay silent

By Dr F R Hilmi: 

Dr Fereydun Refiq Hilmi

Only a few days ago I used the official public records to prove that British Democracy, if it ever existed, has been assassinated by the political elite and the establishment.

Today I will show that this crime is international and has been the hallmark of the political gamesmanship passing for government and opposition.

Sunday’s election of the French President will be the measure I will use to explain the ideas above. I had to search a great deal to get reliable information and figures to analyse. It was not easy and numbers relating to the actual size of the electorate relating to the true size of the population of France were scarce and spread over several sites. The Belfast Telegraph supplied some information in an article by John Lichfield in Paris:

“Monday, 7 May 2012

“Mr Hollande told huge crowds of supporters in his electoral fiefdom of Tulle in central France he was “proud to have been capable of giving people hope again”.

“Mr Sarkozy became only the second incumbent in half a century to be booted out of the Elysee Palace. In a humiliating disavowal of his erratic behaviour and record in office, and his use of divisive far-right language and themes to avoid defeat, an estimated 52 to 53.3% of French voters chose to entrust their destiny to the moderate but inexperienced Mr Hollande”.

Author’s Note1: French voters should be the entire electorate – most and not only 53% rejected him by staying at home.

“The new French leader — who is only the second centre-left President in 50 years of French presidential politics — will attend G8, Nato and European Union summits before the end of next month.

“Mr Hollande will announce at the Nato summit the early departure of French troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year.

“He will also refuse to ratify the European treaty on fiscal discipline unless Berlin gives ground on new EU, growth-boosting, infrastructure projects.

“Although more than 80% of the 46 million voters turned out yesterday, Mr Sarkozy failed to generate the last-minute wave of support from the centre and the far right that he and his campaign chief had predicted. Mr Hollande — the so-called ‘Monsieur Normal’ — becomes the first Socialist President since his late mentor and boss, Francois Mitterrand, in 1981-88. He has promised budgetary discipline with “fairness” to reduce the French budget deficit to zero by 2017”

Author’s Note2: In fact actual legitimate votes dropped in the second round by over 1 million. For some reason 2.2 million spoilt or annulled votes were included boosting the “turnout” from 71% the first round to over 80% adding another strange twist to the whole business of figure-juggling. See ref (5) below. The total vote actually dropped from 35,883,209 to 34,869,996. The false impression however is that more people actually voted for the candidates – which is typical of the RepDem conspiracy.

“He has been specific about new taxes on the rich — including a 75% tax on marginal incomes over €1m — but he has been less specific about cuts in public spending.

“President Sarkozy had hoped to snatch a victory by attracting a large proportion of the 17.9% of voters who went to the far right in the first round on 22 April”

Author’s Note3: And he got more than that. In fact he got 21% more votes so where is the surprise? See ref (5)

“He campaigned with increasingly divisive rhetoric in the past two weeks, in effect accusing Mr Hollande of being the preferred candidate of Islam and soft on illegal immigration.”

Author’s Note4: Again where is the surprise? Party Politics is the most divisive condition in any nation. It is all about dividing up the nation into gang followers and the more intense it is, the more successful the politics.

The article goes on …

The figures for the population of France are worked out by extrapolation and are given for 2010 below according to

“64,876,618 – 2010”

Source: World Bank

The latest figures I found was given by:


“Source: CIA World HYPERLINK “”Factbook – Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 9, 2012

Population: 65,312,249 (July 2011 est.)
note: the above figure is for metropolitan France and five overseas regions; the metropolitan France population is 62,814,233”


According to “A Dictionary of France”

“…first round of voting, on a turnout of 71% of the electorate. Almost 20% of votes went to the extreme right-wing Front National or ex-FN candidates, and 13.81% was split among four trotskyist or communist candidates. While this can be seen in part as a form of protest vote, or lack of confidence in mainstream political parties, it also illustrates the degree to which France remains a polarised society.
Extremism has long historic roots in France, going back to absolutism and the collaboration of the Vichyon the one hand, and the excesses of the French Revolution on the other. However its current vigour can also be attributed to the fact that mainstream political parties in modern France, on the left and on the right, have done their bit to strengthen the position of extremist parties. Conservative parties have a long history of assimilating centre-left and socialist parties with the Communists and other far-left parties, while the Socialists have persistently sought to make political capital by portraying the mainstream conservative parties as the natural bedfellows of the far right. The paradoxical result has been to give credence and respectability to extremist parties and leaders such as Jean Marie Le Pen of the National Front, or Arlette Laguiller of Lutte Ouvrière.
Furthermore, in their keenness to demonstrate even-handedness, French television stations and the media have persistently given coverage to charismatic politicians of the left and the right, turning people such as Le Pen, Laguiller or more recently Olivier Besancenot, into popular chat-show guests.”

  • Wikipedia gives the following figures for both rounds of the French Presidential Elections












Below note the fact that although they use 2.2 million spoiled ballots to boost the turnout the calculation of percentages are based on the number that voted only. See the 100% against the voter’s figures in the last box of the first row below.






Valid votes





Spoilt and null votes















Registered voters



Nominee                     F Hollande          N.Sarkozy

Actual votes             18,004,656              16,865,340

Turnout                      37,016,404             37,016,404                 

Actual                          48.53%                       45.56%          

Published                   51.63%                       48.37%



As the turnout quoted is 80.3% of the electorate the latter is calculated to be:

37,016,404/83=44,598,077, which is some 2 million less than claimed.

The percentage if we take 46,066,499 as the true electorate will be:


Note that Boris & Ken had very similar shares of the vote:

Boris Johnnson – 51.5%     Ken Livingstone – 48.5%


  • The Turnout and percentages of votes gained

BBC 7/5/12

Note: The BBC has different figures

Francois Hollande celebrates French presidential win

F. Hollande                           51.7%

N.arkozy                                48.3%

Total Turnout                        81%

Final Conclusions:

Population                           65,312,249 (2)

Electorate                             44,598,077

First Turnout:                      71% (34.8 million)

Second Turnout:                80% (37,016,404)

Candidates:                                                 Hollande              Sarkozy  

Votes 1st. round:                                         10,272,705      9,753,629

%age of turnout:(35,883,209)                      28.62%           27.18%          

%age of electorate: (46,066,499)                22.29%           21.17%

People against or not voting                         35,793,794(77.7%)     36,312,870(78.1%)

%age of population: (65,312,249)              15.72%           14.93%

People against or not voting                         55,039,544(84.27)       55,558,620(85.06)


Votes 2nd. round:                                        18,004,656      16,865,340

%age of turnout: (35,883,209)                     5017%            47.00%

%age of electorate: (46,066,499)                  39.08%           36.61%                      

People against or not voting                         28,061,843 (61.78%)   29,201,159(63.34)

% of population: (65,312,249)                       27.56%           26.82%          

People against or not voting                         47,307,593 (72.43%)   48446909(74.17)



  • The total number who positively voted for the two  candidates were 10,272,705 and 9,753,629 respectively constituting just 22.29% and 21.17% of the electorate. The second round is the result of negative voting which does not reflect support but disapproval of the other candidate only. This means just under 8 million votes came from supporters of the other candidates to vote for Hollande and just over six million came to Sarkozy. Even so they still only managed 39.08% and 36.61% of the electorate respectively
  • More interestingly, the results show the votes against the candidates were 28,061,843 or (61.78% of the total electorate) and 29,201,159 or (63.34 of the total electorate) respectively. Yet we see Hollande being installed by the RepDem state claiming Majority rule and ignoring 62% of the entire eligible French electorate
  • The excuse is: The people of France are free to elect anyone they wish but, if they don’t vote for them we claim their votes as ours and ignore them, and any excuse or reason they may have even if their abstention or dissatisfaction is against the actual political system. In other words we cook the meal and if you don’t like it or iit does not suit you them tough luck for it is our party and we will only cook what we like. You can stay hungry.
  • You may protest and demonstrate but you must obey our laws and rules and keep out peace and protect our system. Other than that you have no way of changing the system other than by joining it after you discard all your objections and abandon any attempt to reform or change it.
  • I have always claimed that party politics is divisive and is about concentrating power in the hands of 2 heavily entrenched parties with a single backer consisting of the producers of the farce of RepDem. Stability under this system is the constant switching of power between 2 main forces with a single objective of keeping it in the hands of the founding fathers children and grand children for as long as the silent majority remains silent.

 See also Murder of the Mother of all democracies



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