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Twenty years after the establishment of Kurdish rule in the south of Kurdistan, the 2011 mass protests against corruption and the harsh crackdown by the ruling parties highlighted the need for a fresh look at our nation’s prospects.

The Kurdistan Tribune is not linked to any political party or state and it will publish views from across the spectrum. Part of our goal is to explore how south Kurdistan can become a better model for all Kurdistan and the region – a model of pluralist, multi-party democracy upholding the rule of law and providing employment and fair shares for its people.

We have an optimistic view of Kurdistan – a country with the potential to become a modern, developed society with good roads, clean air and the provision of care for the sick and elderly. We want to publish news, research and analysis that can contribute towards making this vision a reality.

We also intend to cover events across Kurdistan, in territories where our countrymen and women continue to endure brutal national oppression. And we want to feature everyday developments in Kurdish life and culture.

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